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Jeffrey O. and Grace G. Stull<br><i>Sponsored by Globe</i> PPE Update
by Jeffrey O. and Grace G. Stull
Sponsored by Globe

Jeffrey O. and Grace G. Stull are President and Vice President, respectively, of International Personnel Protection, Inc., which provides expertise on the design, evaluation, selection and use of personnel protective clothing, equipment and related products to end users and manufacturers. International Personnel Protection, Inc. is considered one of the leading sources of expertise in the field of personal protective equipment. Mr. and Mrs. Stull are members of several National Fire Protective Association committees on personal protective equipment as well as the ASTM International committee on protective clothing. Mr. Stull was formerly the convener for international work groups on Heat/Thermal Protection and Hazardous Materials PPE as well as the lead U.S. delegate for International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee 94/Subcommittees on Protective Clothing and Firefighter PPE. Mr. and Mrs. Stull participate in the government's Interagency Board for Equipment Standardization and Interoperability. Mr. and Mrs. Stull have written over 100 articles, chapters, and guides in the area of protective clothing and equipment. They have authored the book, "PPE Made Easy," now in print by Government Institutes. On their free time, they enjoy family life, cycling, reading, going to church and playing Legos with their daughter. Send questions or feedback to Jeffrey or Grace at
Jeff Stull's "PPE Update" column is sponsored by Globe. Since 1887, Globe Firefighter Suits has focused on just one thing - perfecting the most protective, longest lasting turnout gear in the world. Globe Firefighter Suits are trusted by more firefighters and fire departments around the world than any other.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Line-Of-Duty Deaths

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Line of Duty Deaths

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