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Ind. boy teaches firefighters sign language Arson survivor receives thousands of Christmas cards, donations Fire dept: Outsourcing service would be 'big blow to community' Mich. firefighters, cops sing '12 Days of Christmas' Fire dept. celebrates holiday with ambulance lights show Firefighters surprise Army vet with Thanksgiving feast Firehouse health clinic opens in Calif. Business helping build homes for critically hurt firefighters Firefighters assemble exercise bike for woman Firefighters surprise Vietnam vet with wheelchair ramp Firefighters participate in 2015 flag detail Firefighters meet paralyzed father after waitress pays tab Firefighters pay it forward after waitress pays their tab Firefighters give vacation time to brother fighting disease Firefighter buys air conditioners for families in need Fire department donates fire truck to town in need Firefighters respond to medical call, then fix family's car Solicitor claims to be with fire department Traffic reporter plays firefighter for a day Firefighters surprise 6-year-old with brain tumor
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