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Fire survivor celebrates college graduation with rescuer Fire dept. honors 4-year-old for his charitable effort Wyo. firefighters clean up widow's overgrown yard Nationals pay tribute to D.C. Lt. Kevin McRae New SD fire station destroyed by tornado Disabled firefighter hopes to win high-tech van Final firefighter hurt in fire truck crash returns home Fire dept. using live streaming app to inform public Firefighters rally to help 8-year-old with cancer City stops roadside fundraising after firefighter hit by car Man thanks firefighters that shoveled his driveway Ants attack man while pressure washing; FFs finish job After man dies shoveling roof, responders finish job Firefighter hurt in roof collapse eager to return to work Colleagues help rebuild retired firefighter's home Firefighters rush man to hospital, return to shovel driveway Utah firefighters save presents at house fire Mother grants son's final wish to be a firefighter Ind. firefighters 'rescue' Santa from rooftop Firefighters decorate injured co-worker's home for holidays