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Did brawling firefighters kill urban volunteer depts? - 05/26/2015
Full Story... While rowdyism and thug-like behavior among urban volunteers is well documented, that traditional narrative is somewhat contrived.
Fire grant money is coming, now what? - 05/26/2015
Full Story... Ignore the rumors, expect delays, consider micro grants and get your house in order for the next round of grants as this year's money is released.
What are some slang words that only a firefighter would know? - 05/26/2015
Full Story... We've all experienced the blank faces when our firefighting vocabulary slips out in everyday conversation.
How emergency dispatch is catching up with consumer technology - 05/26/2015
Full Story... Next Generation 911 combines mission-critical public-safety information and leading-edge technology to improve fire, EMS, and police emergency response.
A fire chief's big mouth can crush his career - 05/26/2015
Full Story... A chief with mouth shut and ears open, especially around the boss, is most likely to avoid a career-crushing verbal suicide.
How to buy a pumper - 05/26/2015
Full Story... Knowing the difference between what you need and what you want will make you a smarter shopper when it is time to buy your next engine.
4 reasons you shouldn't become a firefighter - 05/26/2015
Full Story... Pursuing a firefighting career with misguided motives will make for an unhappy career choice.
What's it like to respond to a fire at your own home? - 05/18/2015
Full Story... It is any firefighter's worst nightmare and it happens more often than you would think.
4 things I learned as a young fire officer - 05/18/2015
Full Story... Making the jump from firefighter to officer in your 20s is challenging; here are some tips to succeed from one young officer.
Firefighter fitness: 3 scientific findings - 05/18/2015
Full Story... Training on duty, proper lifting motions and physical ability testing are hot-button issues that science is addressing.
Basement fires: 3 fires, 5 lessons - 05/18/2015
Full Story... One truth on the fireground is to expect the unexpected, and that is especially true for basement fires; here are three case studies and the lessons learned.
Preventing and proving arson is about firefighter safety - 05/18/2015
Full Story... Make every week an arson-awareness week; the extra effort may save a firefighter's life.
Kinked fire hose: Why it's deadly and how to avoid it - 05/18/2015
Full Story... Pinching the supply line can spell serious trouble for an interior attack crew; here are ways to keep those lines kink-free.
Book Excerpt: Blood, Sweat, Tears and Prayers (Part 1) - 05/18/2015
Full Story... Chief Gary Ludwig gives a dramatic account of his long career as a paramedic and firefighter in the violent neighborhoods of St. Louis and Memphis.
How to buy: Tablet computers - 05/05/2015
Full Story... Assessing your intended use and what the market has to offer will give you the most bang for your tablet buck.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Line-Of-Duty Deaths

Jason Farley -   - [Claremore, Oklahoma] Dwight Greer, -   - [Philadelphia, Mississippi] Dennis Swenson -   - [Cornucopia, Wisconsin]

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Line of Duty Deaths

FireRescue1 Exclusive

Full Story...
Did brawling firefighters kill urban volunteer depts?
While rowdyism and thug-like behavior among urban volunteers is well documented, that traditional narrative is somewhat contrived.
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