Barred from firefighting, crews watch home burn

Perdix volunteer firefighters were reportedly the first to arrive at a house fire but could only watch as they're barred from firefighting

PERDIX, Pa. — Firefighters who were the first to arrive at the scene of a raging house fire were forced to watch the home burn because of an ongoing dispute with township supervisors.

The Perdix Fire Company is barred from fighting fires in Penn Township since its officials cut ties with the volunteer company in January 2010 after decades of bickering, according to

The Thursday morning blaze was only half a mile from the Perdix fire station.

Duncannon Borough City Fire Chief Byron Worner claims that a fire unit had arrived on the scene in three or four minutes after the first call, despite the homeowner, Karen Taschek, saying she waited 20 to 30 minutes for the first firefighters to arrive. reports that Chief Worner said the house was so far gone that "it wouldn't have mattered" even if Perdix firefighters were able to help.

Perdix Fire Company Deputy Chief Monte Supko disagreed, saying he had firefighters waiting on the scene doing nothing.

"We had about six-seven firefighters standing down there watching the place burn and we couldn't do nothing about it, because of actions of a few," he said.

Taschek and her daughter were unharmed in the blaze, but their family dog died. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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