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Conn. firefighter dies from Sandy-related injury

Lt. Russell Neary was trying to remove a fallen log from the road when he was struck by a falling tree limb

Duty Death: Lt. Russell Neary - [Easton, Connecticut]

EASTON, Conn. — A Conn. firefighter/EMT died in the link of duty while returning from a fire call during Superstorm Sandy.

Easton Volunteer Fire Company Lt. Russell Neary was on his way back from a fire call with two other firefighters when they attempted to remove a fallen log from the road on Tuesday, according to the Daily Voice.

While removing the log, a tree limb fell and struck Lt. Neary, fatally injuring him.

Another limb also fell and trapped the apparatus beneath it. The two other firefighters were uninjured.

Lt. Neary was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead

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