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Personal Protective Equipment - PPE News & Articles
Researchers are taking on the monumental task of finding a verifiable, measurable method for removing contaminants for firefighting turnout gear.
A firefighter claimed his helmet caused serious neck injuries; if all 313 helmets are replaced, it would cost the city $60,000
He said training through chemotherapy was a struggle at first, but he was able to push through it
It's one of the changes safety inspectors recommended after the department's first line-of-duty death in 40 years.
They are the mortar that holds emergency response together, and knowing how to work with dispatch will boost firefighter effectiveness and safety.
A data-reporting requirement that used NFPA test results in easy-to-read formats would improve fire department buying decisions.
Many families have deep roots in the fire service; here's one family that kept their fire service family tradition alive
Jamie and Teresa Kuchyt's marriage of two firefighting families gives them an incredible combined 150 years of service with the fire company
One of the garages contained chlorine that emitted toxic gas when it burned causing several firefighters to suffer respiratory injuries
The new multi-layer lining provides more moisture protection from both external and internal sources
G-XTREME 3.0 provides unrestricted mobility for even the most athletic firefighter; try it on and see how you like the fit at FDIC booth #2208
These unwieldy beasts make up a large percentage of apparatus crashes; follow these sound safety procedures to tame that beast and keep firefighters safe.
Official: "I want to make sure that our first responders have all the equipment that's necessary to keep them safe."
New testing examines how particles can penetrate firefighter protective gear with some surprising results.
Firefighters share many traits. Courage, competence and sense of service are but a few on a long list. As much as firefighters are courageous public servants, they are also
Online fundraisers boast $100,000 for firefighter Pete Dern who suffered burns to 70 percent of his body.
Here is a look at why two metro fire departments pulled their turnout gear cleaning and inspection in-house.
Most of the firefighting risks we face should be extinct; they've survived off inconsistent and conflicting messages about safe behavior
The NIOSH investigation showed that only the first of the two low-air alarms functioned in its test.
The lieutenant suffered burns to his face and was taken to the hospital for treatment