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Personal Protective Equipment - PPE News & Articles
Whether or not the gloves are NFPA certified, use this checklist to guide your next extrication glove purchase.
The mayor and fire chief said they don’t want to give members a false sense of security.
Not all contaminates are equal and neither are cleaning methods; understanding both is necessary for clean PPE.
The firefighter was dressed in his gear to honor first responders killed during 9/11.
Here's a comprehensive look at what to wear under your bunker gear and why.
Ballistic protective equipment for active shooter response is eligible for Assistance to Firefighters grant funding.
NFPA is looking at different sizing and testing methods that would significantly change structural firefighting gloves.
The parka comes in high visibility and dark navy with multiple external pockets
The hood includes a mask mate face opening that fit the shape of SCBA masks
The latest model of the turnout gear offers improved fit and increased range of motion
The high-tech, durable unit is designed for maneuverability and aids communication on scene
Here's a look at the proposed changes to NFPA 1971, what we think of them and the changes we think should have been included.
Additional testing required by the revised NFPA standard requires facepieces stand up to more heat.
The grant money will be used to purchase of 43 sets of firefighter protection gear
Here's a hard look at the barriers prohibiting meaningful PPE innovation.
Researchers develop hands-free thermal camera to help firefighters spot trapped individuals and potential dangers
Similar to injuries seen in skiers, firefighter footwear has caused back, knee and hip injuries
While no silver bullet for cancer prevention, barrier hoods are a great step in that direction.
Breathing apparatus standards have grown to cover all hazards; here's a look at eight of those to aid your next purchase.
A fire department spokesman said paramedics aren't sent into areas where they need it; union officials say that is not true

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