The debate: mandatory gear retirement at 10 years
Wearing dirty turnout gear is not a badge of honor; here's how to protect your gear and your health.
Aside from gloves and hoods, look for the next NFPA 1971 to tackle moisture penetration into coats and pants.
She has been researching the structure of the shirts and pants, and also finding what challenges and discomforts are felt among firefighters
The zip-out outer shell may be the most eye-catching feature of this turnout gear system, but it is not the only one.
The 40-year veteran paramedic obeyed the order, but said wearing the vest underneath is too bulky and hot for EMS calls.
The fire suit is designed to protect firefighters from exposure to carcinogens
There's a lack of evidence that drag rescue devices have ever worked in the field, yet abandoning an established rule has risk.
For eye-protection devices to do their job, they must be protected from the threats common on a fireground.
A Canadian college and a private company tested an ozone-based sanitization method they say can eliminate nearly all bacteria and fungi from bunker gear
Fire officials said about a fourth of the departments have vests available to them and have been helpful on more than one occasion
Masive aerials, no LDH hoses and six-person rigs were some of the interesting concepts on display at Interschutz.
By John Usalis ?Republican Herald MAHANOY CITY, Pa. — The borough’s firefighters will receive almost half a million dollars from the federal government. In an
With no standards to guide us, the best way to do gross decontamination on scene is anyone's guess.
Before you buy eye protection, you must know what is acceptable and what is not — and yes, that includes a hard look at Bourkes.
Officials are also working on purchasing a set of back up gear for each firefighter, along with an extra protective hood
WHKY CONOVER, N.C. — Congressman Patrick McHenry announced that a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant in the amount of $328,820 has been awarded to a fire
Firefighter Tim Moore battled testicular cancer in 2013 and lung cancer in 2015; the support his department provided during his battles proved the bond between firefighters is as
Researchers are taking on the monumental task of finding a verifiable, measurable method for removing contaminants for firefighting turnout gear.
A firefighter claimed his helmet caused serious neck injuries; if all 313 helmets are replaced, it would cost the city $60,000
He said training through chemotherapy was a struggle at first, but he was able to push through it

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