The debate: mandatory gear retirement at 10 years
A firefighter's personal protective equipment is often the last line of defense keeping the firefighter safe from the hazards of fire and rescue scenes. Those hazards are
The thief broke into the firefighter's personal call while they were out on a call
Grants offer an alternative when operating budgets won't support new PPE, here are four strong options.
Fire officials said they hope the upgrades will allow the department to score a better ISO rating
Making sure PPE fits is more than an issue of comfort; it's a safety issue, and that goes for women as well as men.
All four firefighters suffered significant burns to their heads, faces, arms and hands before they got into the shelters
The company officer sets the stage for how firefighters use and clean their PPE to protect themselves from occupational cancers.
The new equipment is part of the department's response to an agreement with Conn-OSHA following the investigation into the death of firefighter Kevin Bell
They found that firefighters were being dragged under water by their gear and their air tanks didn't help keep them afloat
It seems like there have been a lot of recent articles about firefighters and paramedics asking for ballistic vests in light of recent first responder attacks. The latest push for
The department's safety director said he doesn't know how the city can afford not to protect its first responders
Researchers are looking into flexible, high-temperature space materials for personal fire shelters; the project is expected to finish up in 2018
Recent stabbings of two EMTs in Detroit and two firefighters in San Diego have raised concerns about how to keep responders safe on scene
When investigating a firefighter injury or death, documenting the condition of the PPE is critical; that includes a visual record.
With department budgets stretched thin, fire chiefs are constantly searching for other sources to fund their equipment needs. As a result, competition for funding from programs
Wearing dirty turnout gear is not a badge of honor; here's how to protect your gear and your health.
Aside from gloves and hoods, look for the next NFPA 1971 to tackle moisture penetration into coats and pants.
She has been researching the structure of the shirts and pants, and also finding what challenges and discomforts are felt among firefighters
The zip-out outer shell may be the most eye-catching feature of this turnout gear system, but it is not the only one.
The 40-year veteran paramedic obeyed the order, but said wearing the vest underneath is too bulky and hot for EMS calls.

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