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Personal Protective Equipment - PPE News & Articles
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Firefighters had to leave a burning apartment and evacuate neighboring residences as crews tried to gain control of a quickly-spreading fire Thursday.
Worn properly, even the best PPE has limitations in keeping contaminants off the skin; better hood material is needed
Cancer-causing agents can reach a firefighter, even one in full PPE; here are simple steps to reduce your risk.
Keeping turnout gear clean is critical to firefighter health; here's how to buy and use turnout gear washers.
The first two firefighters in the building suffered burns to their legs.
Firefighter Joe Yeakley is hospitalized with burns over more than 50 percent of his body; another firefighter received minor burns and was treated and released
By Dee Riggs The Wenatchee World, Wash. WENATCHEE, Wash. — One minute firefighter Glenn Smith was in the clear, aiming his hose at a garage fire. The next, he was engulfed in
Experts say firefighters should be issued bullet-resistant vests in hopes of saving more lives when responding to mass shootings
Here's a list of the most outstanding innovations to hit the fire service this year and a short list of those I hope to see next year.
Proximity firefighting ensembles are not just for aircraft firefighting, and not all suits have the same level of protection.
That all new SCBA must be retested will keep them off the market longer.
Both suit design and testing need a complete overhaul to better match real-world needs.
ELKTON, Md. — W.L. Gore & Associates issued a firefighter product safety alert regarding incidents of seam-tape separation in turnout gear in North America. Gore has
Chris McGrone was placed in a medically induced coma and is still recovering from his injuries; he has not yet returned to full duty.
The 2013 program includes requirement changes, additional matches, micro grants, and updates to equipment ages.
The 2013 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) opening is here! As you work toward the December 6 deadline, is your department adequately prepared to submit a competitive MINERAL CITY, Ohio — A fire department destroyed by a July 10, 2013 tornado is getting a helping hand from the State Fire Marshal, and company, MN8-Foxfire. They
With the slowed evolution of PPE development, constantly changing the NFPA standard may amount to simply moving deck chairs around. PROPHETSTOWN, Ill. — More than two dozen area volunteer fire departments are set to get a gift that would allow them to buy new equipment. Hundreds of people turned
The move was spurred by recent attacks on firefighters and first responders nationwide.

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