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Fire Apparatus News & Articles
The fire truck isn't active, so people won't see it at the site of an emergency; it can bee seen in parades, community outings and school activities
Firefighters on the rig reported an air leak issue with the brakes, but officials are unsure if that issue caused the accident
Fire officials said Rick Wimberley's pelvis was fractured in four spots, but that he won't need surgery and is in good spirits
A car drove in front of the rig, causing it to swerve and hit the cruiser; a firefighter and police officer suffered injuries in the collision
Firefighter Brian Nielsen made a call to the city for an explanation on why he was fired, but has yet to receive a call back.
Rick Wimberley suffered a fractured pelvis and bruising; doctors are also checking for shoulder injuries.
The town's insurance company said code violations made it unsafe to house fire equipment; officials said it's going to add 11 minutes to their response times
They used the radio, lights and sirens to keep traffic away and put the rig in a ditch, narrowly missing a concrete culver; no one was injured.
The motorcyclist failed to yield to the rig at an intersection; the crash is under investigation.
City officials admit new trucks are needed and said they plan to buy more; they did not say how fast or how many.
Firefighters were on their way to a laundry dryer fire; they were taken to a hospital for minor injuries
The sheriff was assisting a victim at a motor vehicle accident when he was struck by the rig; he suffered non-life threatening injuries and has been released from the hospital
A rear door of the engine wasn’t latched and struck a support column; no one was injured
The deal was whichever department had the least increased charitable giving had to wash the other department's vehicles
The driver of the car had to be extricated and was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries
The gear was stolen while some of the firefighters were asleep during a break; one firefighter's jacket and helmet were stolen
Fire departments are choosing rapid-response vehicles to save money; here are three steps to protect that investment.
For some fire departments, smaller is better when it comes to ambulances.
For the second time in one week, a D.C. Fire and EMS ambulance was not immediately available for an infant emergency call
A piece that came through a window hit a firefighter and a laptop in the rig; none of the firefighters were seriously hurt