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Fire Apparatus News & Articles
She bit and scratched officers as they strapped her onto a stretcher; she was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation
Fire officials were unable to produce documentation showing firefighters had been properly trained to use the equipment
This comes in the heat of a debate regarding the appropriateness of displaying the flag after nine people were killed at a historically black church
The fire truck was not inspected before being acquired and has not been accepted into service by the department
The fire began when a utility task vehicle's battery shorted out in the department's garage Pa. fire dept. back in service after firehouse blaze
They gave the 1999 rig a new polish job and put some equipment on there as well
The motorcyclist suffered two compound fractures in his left leg and a severely broken arm
The firefighters' injuries were minor; the fire truck was significantly damaged
Four firefighters were on the rig, but no one was hurt because they quickly swerved away from the car
The rescue truck was on its way back to the station when it ran off a road and rolled onto its side
They were treated for smoke inhalation; the department lost two rigs and three inflatable boats in the fire
The forestry spokesman said it is the first time he's seen a train used to battle wildland fires.
Firefighters said they started stoning the fire truck before pouring petrol and setting it ablaze; the protests are over inadequate parking space
The injured firefighters, who were taken to the hospital, were conscious and alert following the incident.
The firefighters' lawyer said truck manufacturer Sutphen did not fully disclose the truck's issues to the department
A new way of making stainless steel is now being tried in fire trucks, and it may be a game-changer.
Despite their popularity around the world, the motorcycle as a fire rig has been slow to catch on in the U.S.; here are some reasons to give them a close look.
Three firefighters on board the ladder truck were a little stiff after the crash but were uninjured
Officers said he also tried to ram a police cruiser that was responding to the call.
Two women were airlifted to a hospital in unknown condition; a paramedic suffered minor injuries