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Fire Apparatus News & Articles
The crew was driving on a narrow road when the rig attempted to make room for a passing vehicle.
The department has resorted to using outdated trucks and borrowing vehicles from other departments.
One witness said they saw a firefighter thrown from the rig and hit the ground.
Relying on emergency vehicle techs will improve a department's bottom line, response capability and overall safety.
Common vendors and dedicated replacement funding go a long way to ease fire truck buying.
One fire chief explains the pros and cons of a replacement cycle and how it applies to departments large and small.
The firefighter was not injured and the fire truck received little or no damage.
Two Cal Fire firefighters were pushing a disabled vehicle to the right shoulder just before the crash.
One was ejected during the roll and sustained serious injuries; the other stayed in the rig and suffered minor injuries.
Much of our fire service history and tradition comes through in our oldest rigs and firehouses; if you have an interesting photo, share it in the comment section.
Both the fire truck and the passenger vehicle sustained minor damage; no firefighters were hurt.
The Grapevine Fire Department is seeking to raise $10,000 to restore the 1928 engine.
Officials said three committees are working on designing the specs for three pumpers, two ladder trucks and a heavy rescue truck.
The fire trucks remained unused for 10 years due to a dispute over corruption allegations involving a 50 percent hike in the purchase price.
The car wash owner said firefighters asked the women to get off the rig at the charity event, but one firefighter appears to tuck money into a woman's bikini.
There were no ambulances available because they were on other calls.
The union asserted that Houston firefighters have had to use duct tape and wooden beams to fix equipment.
The incident happened on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
Love them or hate them, apparatus chevrons are here to stay; here's a look at how the requirements have changed and may change in the future.
NFPA's ambulance standard will be updated later this year with input from several groups; a competing standard came out this summer.

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