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Fire Apparatus News & Articles
Officials are scratching their heads at how to pay for the new ladder truck, which was purchased earlier this month.
The summer 2016 edition focuses on the best ways to evaluate and buy new or used fire apparatus, as well as how to restore those antiques
The truck cost $100,000, but the dept. was able to purchase the rig for $4,300
The following is paid content sponsored by ASA Electronics. By FireRescue1 BrandFocus Staff Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters.
The “mini” is built to access rugged terrain in remote areas.
Here's a four-tiered process to reduce the risk of your apparatus or ambulance getting stolen and limit the damage if it does.
Diesel fuel additive serve an important role in protecting and enhancing a rig's engine; here's low down on them.
With bigger fire rigs and improved camera technology, here are things to know before you buy.
A volunteer firefighter/EMT talks about his used fire truck experience and how it led him to start his own company.
Being overweight is bad, especially when it comes to brush trucks; here's how to order the right chassis for the application.
A compromised supply line is a compromised fire attack; this simple tool can keep the water flowing
Officials said the tanker truck did not stop and yield to an ambulance that had its lights and sirens on
The firefighters immediately got out of the truck to check on the driver of the SUV
Here's a run down of the safe and practical options when ordering crew and driver seats.
Nobody wants to crash the department rig, but it happens; here's a plan for what to do before and after a crash.
The trucks, also called “patrols,” can carry up to 200 gallons of water and 10 gallons of fire-resistant gel or foam
The evidence says not using emergency lights and sirens should be the rule – and using them should be an infrequent exception.
The fire engine malfunctioned as the crew was setting up to pump water, and the vehicle's windshield smashed into a tree after the fire engine began rolling
ANDERSON, Calif. ― An Anderson Fire Protection District water tender was destroyed when it rolled over Wednesday. Anderson Fire Captain Steve Lowe told the Record Searchlight that
The chairman of a troubled R.I. fire district called firefighters terrorists and said they looked like ISIS with flags on trucks

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