Photo: Toxic Mich. water blamed for rusting fire trucks

Head of firefighters union said the damage is putting firefighters' lives at risk and is a safety issue

FLINT, Mich. — The head of Flint Firefighters Union said corrosive water is responsible for rusting out the city's fire trucks from the inside.

Union President Jeremy Gilbert said he fears the damage is putting firefighters' lives at risk and is a safety issue. Gilbert said the condition of a 2014 rig is what he would expect to see on a 20-year-old truck, reported.

"That truck should not have that kind of wear and tear and rust," Gilbert said. "If we were inside and it happened to break, or rust through or whatever, then I've got guys inside that are trapped without water."

Gilbert also said many of the plastic seals on newer rigs are broken and are causing small leaks.

"We have been working this week on trying to diagnose exactly what the problem is. Once (the) problem has been appropriately diagnosed, the necessary steps will be taken to fix or replace the equipment" Mayor Karen Weaver said.

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