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Fire SCBA News & Articles
Among the items taken off a fire truck were an AED and a SCBA; there are no leads in the case
The $60,477 award will be used to replace old and malfunctioning SCBA that have reached the end of their service life
The grant money will be used to purchase new air packs and air tanks
Kevin Bell was killed in a house fire on Oct. 7; cardiac hypertrophy was also listed as a contributing factor in his death
We crawled through heavy smoke and fire to find him and were not leaving without him
Starting a fire department from scratch is great when money is no object; when resources are scarce, you improvise.
An inspection of the company's equipment found numerous safety problems, including empty air tanks
He said it exploded after a malfunction, causing hearing loss, debilitating headaches and a loss of balance
They're working to determine if firefighter Kevin Bell's SCBA was working properly and if his air tank was full when he entered the burning building
SCBA are being removed from all 75 ambulances and about 70 graduating fire academy medics will not be issued protective firefighting gear
A combination of faulty breathing apparatus and toxic gases sickened seven firefighters, a medic and two other responders
Often overlooked, SCBA straps and buckles are an important part of reducing a firefighter's fatigue and entanglement risk.
The grant money will help replace outdated equipment with the purchase of 38 new breathing apparatuses
The SEL 30-year cylinder is available in 30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute rated durations.
The GI meets the latest NFPA 1981 standards including face piece integrity and communication.
SCBA is the most important piece of PPE, and the reasons for not using it are no longer valid.
Here's a list of the most outstanding innovations to hit the fire service this year and a short list of those I hope to see next year.
That all new SCBA must be retested will keep them off the market longer.
Chris McGrone was placed in a medically induced coma and is still recovering from his injuries; he has not yet returned to full duty.
The 2013 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) opening is here! As you work toward the December 6 deadline, is your department adequately prepared to submit a competitive