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Fire SCBA News & Articles
Scott Safety is releasing a series of breathing air system products that include the HushAir Connect 7500, RevolveAir Connect and SmartTouch Controller. The breathing air system
The in-mask thermal imager hit the market after a year of development
Officials said the units were prone to failure and caused the air supply to deplete in less than one minute
Firefighters can mitigate carcinogen exposure through sound practices like wearing SCBA, cleaning PPE after incidents, and more.
SCBA's ability to ward off external chemicals was greatly enhanced in 2007; now they'll be tested to find out just how good they are.
The firefighter climbed a ladder to a burning third-floor apartment to share his mask with the woman; both are being treated for smoke inhalation
The new equipment is part of the department's response to an agreement with Conn-OSHA following the investigation into the death of firefighter Kevin Bell
The newly purchased SCBAs will replace five breathing air compressor systems that are more than 18 years old and currently in use at five fire stations
With department budgets stretched thin, fire chiefs are constantly searching for other sources to fund their equipment needs. As a result, competition for funding from programs
A complaint was filed saying more than half haven’t been tested since 2008; federal law requires them to be tested every five years
Among the items taken off a fire truck were an AED and a SCBA; there are no leads in the case
The $60,477 award will be used to replace old and malfunctioning SCBA that have reached the end of their service life
The grant money will be used to purchase new air packs and air tanks
Kevin Bell was killed in a house fire on Oct. 7; cardiac hypertrophy was also listed as a contributing factor in his death
We crawled through heavy smoke and fire to find him and were not leaving without him
Starting a fire department from scratch is great when money is no object; when resources are scarce, you improvise.
An inspection of the company's equipment found numerous safety problems, including empty air tanks
He said it exploded after a malfunction, causing hearing loss, debilitating headaches and a loss of balance
They're working to determine if firefighter Kevin Bell's SCBA was working properly and if his air tank was full when he entered the burning building
SCBA are being removed from all 75 ambulances and about 70 graduating fire academy medics will not be issued protective firefighting gear

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