Fire Breathing Apparatus Tips

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Fire Breathing Apparatus Tips
Check your batteries
It's better to waste batteries with some life left than what's left of your own life. ...
Ensure your SCBA cylinder is snapped in place
To be sure the connection is made, pull back on the cylinder valve in an attempt to pull it out. If connected properly, it will not come out. ...
Recognize Risk Factors
Exposures occur in several forms and by several routes. Respiratory exposures occur because firefighters remove breathing apparatus without knowing airborne hazards exist... ...
Tackling vehicle fires
Remember to carry out strong PPE safety practices when operating at vehicle fires. Full protective clothing and SCBA should be utilized on all vehicle fires... ...
Dangers in cellars
Cellars can present a range of hazards to firefighters, particularly after a fire has been extinguished... ...
Cold weather basics
During cold,wet winter weather, it's obviously important to stay as dry and warm as possible... ...