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Brody Channel was honoring his father who died in the line of duty last year; he pulled to the side of the road to help an officer perform CPR on an unresponsive 9-month-old girl
A woman and her two sons watched firefighters work for 30 minutes to revive the dog following the fire.
Their rig broke down en route to a medical call; while waiting for a tow truck, they got a call for a cardiac arrest and ran a quarter of a mile to save a man's life
One firefighter had seen the man swim out into the harbor and saw him go under
Use of the devices has increased by 50 percent a patient's one-year survival rate from cardiac arrest
He said he appreciated the family adding him to Facebook and continuing to update him on the girl's condition
The former volunteer firefighter responded to a call for help; he began CPR on an unresponsive man and revived him before EMS arrived
He performed CPR until paramedics arrived; the umpire is in stable condition
While on vacation in Orlando, he found a 4-year-old at the bottom of a swimming pool and resuscitated her with CPR
One firefighter got too close to the lift and suffered an electric shock; he fell into another firefighter, who was also shocked
Alec Taczala saved the 6-year-old boy drowning in the hotel pool by pulling him out and administering CPR
Firefighter: "I don't even know if I had my shoes on when I ran out the door ... we were probably out of the firehouse in 45 seconds."
Ozarks First ROLLA, Mo. — Rolla Police say if it wasn't for an off-duty paramedic, a 10-month-old would likely be dead. The baby boy was left unattended in a car that
The chief, who is also the soccer coach, started CPR and revived the boy; he was taken to the hospital and will be OK
The man went into cardiac arrest and they began CPR; they hooked him up to an IV and used a defibrillator as the pilot diverted the plane
They noticed something was wrong when the rig rolled through a light; they performed CPR and used an AED to save the driver's life.
The department implemented high-performance CPR, and began tracking data related to bystanders starting resuscitation efforts before responders arrive
The firefighter was in cardiac arrest, but his colleagues were able to revive him
The copter was in flames with two people trapped when firefighters arrived; they extricated one and tried to resuscitate him but was later pronounced dead
Firefighters climbed through a window to pull her out; she was not breathing so they performed CPR