Foam News & Articles

Foam News & Articles
Like fire fuel sources, not all firefighting foams are equal; pick the right foam for the right fuel.
The foam is stored in trailers along with equipment needed to apply the foam to a spill; the trailers will be deployed by early 2016
He is concerned about his exposure during training and that the material made its way into the base's drinking-water supply
The Wildland MPT allows a fire department to configure components, systems or functionality across a number of firefighting scenarios
While there is no one, clear answer, foam applications can bridge the gap.
By Ben Waller Jan. 30, 2010 Updated June 13, 2014 Over at All Hazards Contemplations, we're discussing some similarities between firefighting foams and fire officer and
With over 90 years of experience, WaterMax LLC is excited to introduce FireSuppress, a firefighting tool developed with the help of cotton farmers and firefighters in California,
Increased firefighter safety and reduced manpower are two of the reasons to consider a pump-and-roll option on your next rig.
Here's what you need to know before replacing, or buying your first, airport rescue and firefighting vehicle.
FireRescue1 readers have their say why foam systems are not used in their departments to fight fire.
Understanding how and why compressed air foam systems work is a key to their wide-spread acceptance.
One of the keys to foam use is knowing which foam will best combat which type of fire.
Four industry experts talk about what fire departments need to know to get the most from a firefighting foam system.
In early February 2013, FireRescue1 conducted a survey on foam system use and trends in the industry. We have posted the results to the survey below. Highlights: • 94% of
The high cost of petroleum-based fuels and tax incentives to bring other fuel sources to market have driven demand and production of alternative vehicle fuels. And while this may
By Jean Murphy The Chicago Daily Herald ITASCA, Ill. — Mention the name "Darley" to virtually any firefighter in the world and you will find at least some spark of
If you are in the market for a small compact foam unit and do not want the added expense of speccing out a built in foam system in a new apparatus, you might want to check out Task
The use of compressed air foam systems is becoming increasingly common within the fire service, whether it be portable or vehicle mounted. We asked our Facebook fans what they
By David Robinson The Kennebec JournalWATERVILLE, Maine — Two people ran into a burning home to rescue their neighbor's dog Saturday afternoon while other residents used
Responders had to spray the area with fire foam before they could access the accident scene; all were subjected to multiple bee stings