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Fire Rehab Tips
Using Juniors as a Rehab Team
In our department, we use our Juniors as we can primarily as a top-notch Rehab Team... ...
Our rehab unit
On the unit we carry four coolers of bottled water, iced. Along with that we have snacks and can make coffee, tea or cups of soup... ...
Use cool vests in hot weather
During a fire , we make our firefighters don a "Cool Vest," which has inserts that are kept in out sub-zero freezers. We also employ the use of our town's ambulance and have ...
'Gear Down, Cool Down'
Often, when firefighters are in rehab, the one repeated mistake is that they are still wearing their turn-out gear. Whether it is your bunker pants or an open turn-out coat or your ...
Keep Hydrated
Carrying a number of small water bottles often takes up more room than taking the same amount of water in gallon jugs to an incident. ...