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Fire Gloves News & Articles
Whether or not the gloves are NFPA certified, use this checklist to guide your next extrication glove purchase.
NFPA is looking at different sizing and testing methods that would significantly change structural firefighting gloves.
How best to select a structural firefighting boot that fits, performs and lasts.
To ensure changes to PPE standards are not half-baked, there's a detailed and responsible procedure for idea to become reality.
The glove was re-designed after valuable first responder feedback
It was another good year for the development of products that help make the job of firefighters safe, more effective and efficient
The new liners are the latest addition to the company’s FR clothing line, DragonWear
New structure glove makes fingers more nimble.
INDIANAPOLIS — It's been an ongoing battle for structural firefighting glove manufacturers: how to add more dexterity without compromising protection. Firefighters are
Finding the perfect structural firefighting glove is like hitting the lottery; here's how to boost your odds.
Properly fitting PPE affects more than comfort, it determines performance and safety.
By Jennifer Williams Manchester Evening News MANCHESTER, England — A firefighter has been awarded thousands of pounds in compensation after hurting himself putting on his own
The new edition of the NFPA 1971 standard, covering structural firefighting protective clothing, has been held in suspense over the past seven months because a number of motions
As a social experiment, we offered our Facebook fans a magic wand to change one thing about their PPE. We received some innovative answers, some goofy ones and even a few from
The fire service has always been an evolving business that has seen its mission and focus change in many ways over the years. Along with these changes, firefighters have developed
In early May of 2012, FireRescue1 conducted a survey on firefighter ’s use of Personal Protective Equipment. We have posted the results to the survey below. They represent a
HexArmor, which makes protective gloves for heavy industry, jumped into the rescue glove market at this year's FDIC. The gloves were selling like crazy, said Patrick Beadling,
Many federal and state regulations are not regularly updated and lack requirements for conformity assessment.
The interoperability of the various elements of the structural ensemble and how the various elements perform together is an issue within the fire service.
By Christina Carrega and John Doyle The New York PostNEW YORK — Their hands were seared instead of safeguarded — and now two of New York's Bravest are suing the city

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