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Ruggedized Laptops News & Articles
How does your department use tablets? Sound off in the comment section below
Assessing your intended use and what the market has to offer will give you the most bang for your tablet buck.
ProGear Protector and Voyager cases designed for use in rugged terrain environments
The R12 tablet debuted a new platform and ergonomic design that can transition from the field to the squad to the station with ease
Windows 8.1 Pro Update and a battery life of up to 15 hours enhances productivity of mobile professionals
New tablet is designed for harsh environments.
The demands an apparatus and fire scene place on electronics are heavy and computers and tablets need the fortitude to take that punishment.
Onboard tablet computers are a gateway to fast, concise information for any scene. But getting started can be daunting; here's how to ask the right questions and make the right
By Hayden Smith The MetroPENRHYN BAY, U.K. — A teenage girl used her Christmas present laptop to smash a downstairs window and help her two sisters escape from a fire early
With Panasonic's new line of handheld U1 Toughbooks, public safety workers can get all the computing power they need in the palm of their hand. The Panasonic Toughbook brand has
By Allison McKinnon The Press EnterpriseRIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. — This fire season, Riverside County firefighters will no longer have to rely on Thomas Guide map books or
By Scott M. Bruner FireRescue1 Product EditorPanasonic's Toughbook series have been among the leaders in providing ruggedized mobile platforms. In the past few weeks, the company