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Technical Rescue News & Articles
When you're wading into icy water to rescue a victim is not the time to wonder if you bought the best exposure suit.
The fire chief said it was one of the most difficult technical rescues he's ever seen and worked on.
During this difficult time, a new paradigm has emerged: the mobile care program concept
Pick offs require a lot of repetition and are a high-risk rigging event; these steps and video will help you train for these rescues.
One firefighter traversed the cliff face, waiting with the man until crews could extract him
Whether looking for victims in an urban or wilderness setting, these 10 tools will help get the job done
The teen was pale and shaken but could walk and talk; he was taken to a hospital with minor injuries
They were taken off of the ride by firefighters strapping in the passengers with safety harnesses and pulling them up by ropes
A firefighter and an animal control worker were put in harnesses and lowered into the pit, where they were able to retrieve the dog
Mark Bagnoli, 59, was a trimming a tree when he was seriously injured and became stuck on a limb about 40 feet off the ground
Understanding how rope angles change the force needed to move a load will improve rescue safety and effectiveness.
Here are five swift-water tools to address post-winter flooding incidents.
A technical rescue team used a special hook, rope and pulley system to lower a rescue basket into the shaft and lift the patient out
These shoring devices and techniques will make rescuers safer and more effective.
A successful rescue ends with no injured firefighters and no further injury to the victim; a key step in this is stabilizing the hazards.
MONS, Belgium — A technology company has developed a system that uses a specialized helmet to guide firefighters out of burning building and guide rescuers to downed
The Los Angeles Times SWITZERLAND — Here's a cat that will do more whirring than purring: a robotic cheetah cub designed to trot at the fastest clip of any legged machine
By Carlos E. Medina MARION COUNTY, Fla. — With nearly 200 miles of narrow trails that wind through the densely wooded land of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida
Firefighters are now expected to perform at least basic rescues; here's the training and equipment you will need to meet that need.
In early November of 2012, FireRescue1 conducted a survey on Rescue Equipment use and trends in the industry. We have posted the results to the survey below. They represent a poll

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