March 2009 Product Round Up: Fire Suppression

FireRescue1 is focusing on news and information about Fire Suppression throughout the month of March. Check out some of these products and providers currently on FireRescue1.

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Class "A" Mining Truck Tire Fire, extinguished by FireAde 2000

FireAde 2000 is miles ahead of other firefighting products. It attacks a wide range of fires. It renders flammable liquids inert. Its cooling properties prevent re-ignition. It can be used safely by professional firefighters and after minimal training, by race car drivers and mechanics, factory and refinery workers, farmers, automotive and maritime fueling station operators, home owners, office owners and managers, anyone who works or lives in an environment where fire is a possibility. Visit for more information, or call 678-557-7495.


Introducing the CAFS - Compressed Air Foam System - The New Millennium of Fire Suppression

Together with the All Terrain Res-Q™ trailer you have the perfect solution for backcountry fire suppression along with providing a faster means of fire knockdown. CAFS systems provide lighter and more manageable hose lines because they are typically half the weight and longer hose lays are possible due to limited friction loss in a CAFS line. Firefighter fatigue is greatly reduced from using the heaver and higher pressure hose lines. For more information, visit or call 859-359-4502.


Admiral Fire Carries a wide array of Multi-purpose Extinguishers

ABC Multipurpose are economical and extremely versatile. They are ideal for tackling the majority of fire risks typically found in commercial, industrial and domestic applications. Badger dry chemical extinguishing agents contain the highest percentage of essential base ingredients found in the fire extinguisher industry. "Multipurpose" agent models are suitable for use on Class A, B and C fires. For more information, call 1-866-822-3473 or visit online at


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