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Fire Cameras & Video Systems News & Articles
By Scott Sonner Associated Press RENO, Nev. — A growing network of cameras trained on the mountains around Lake Tahoe is changing the way crews fight Western wildfires by
With department budgets stretched thin, fire chiefs are constantly searching for other sources to fund their equipment needs. As a result, competition for funding from programs
The camera had footage of crews battling the Marble Valley fire, which has burned more than 3,000 acres
Not all cameras are created equal, and some features may be more relevant to the fire service than others.
For the company officer, having a dash cam in the rig can provide proof of wrong doing, serve as a training tool and change driver behavior.
Panoramic views of dark or tight spaces can be viewed instantly by a synced device
The Oncall body camera has the capability to transmit live video, audio, high quality snapshots, and GPS location in real time back to a command center
Battalion Chief Mark Johnson's footage showed a teen being run over by a fire truck
No amount of forward-driving experience can help a driver with backing a truck or other vehicles. All drivers need to practice in safe surroundings until they become familiar with
Motorola Solutions Inc. has introduced its Real-Time Crime Center software, intended to assist first responders enhance situational awareness. Working off of Motorola’s
The ordinance states that firefighters who continue to use helmet cams will lose their right to serve the township as firefighters
The cameras use infrared technology to help firefighters locate victims, pinpoint fires and recognize structural dangers
A wired firefighter may seem like science fiction. But new commercially available wearable technologies are connecting firefighters, chiefs and incident commanders to data in new
Verus has the ability to push software configuration changes and updates to the vehicle from the station
He's being charged with interfering with emergency medical care, but says he has the First Amendment right to record law enforcement personnel.
In addition to what to look for, here's a list of what's on the market and how much you'll spend. AUSTIN, Texas — Some Austin firefighters are increasingly attaching tiny, high-digital cameras to their helmets, joining a national trend in recording their work.
The chief said the footage was taken on the firefighters' personal camera and was not authorized in the workplace or at stations
Company Name: Black Mamba Protection Headquarters: Austin, Texas Signature Product: Fire/Rescue: The Hero Website: Named after the deadly African
The San Francisco Chronicle SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — In an apparent about-face, San Francisco Fire Department officials said Monday they will revisit restrictions on

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