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Fire Ambulances News & Articles
None of their injuries were serious; they suffered neck and back pain
Two paramedics were inside treating a patient with shortness of breath when a single bullet hit the ambulance
EMT Siren and the FDNY150 Ambulance will represent FDNY in parades and community events throughout the year FRAZIER PARK, Calif. — Two people are dead following a crash east of Frazier Park Wednesday night, according to a spokesperson with the Kern County Fire
The driver of the stolen ambulance, estimated to be traveling at 100 mph, may have intentionally collided with the semi-truck
Three firefighters, their patient and a family member were able to escape the ambulance and cross to dry ground
The Ferno 2020 Vision Proof of Concept vehicle creates a safer, more efficient and intelligent delivery of care
The recalls are related to sudden engine shut down and malfunctioning handles that may cause doors to open during a crash.
JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. — A firefighter-paramedic was injured when a car slammed into the ambulance as crews were about to transport a driver injured in a crash. Jackson County
A medic blacked out at the wheel and collided with the ambulance he was following; both medics are in stable condition
Medics attempted to extinguish the fire with portable extinguishers; there was major damage to the engine
Calif. firefighters woke to the smell of smoke and used a garden hose to put out the blaze
With NFPA taking over the new ambulance standard process, here's a look at what it means and how we got here.
The firefighter sitting in the back was able to jump out safely; the patient was later arrested
The city bought five engines, two ladders and four ambulances, purchases delayed by the recession.
Solar-capturing technology has made it easier to keep fire truck and ambulances fully charged without leaving them running, and saves money.
A medic and a patient suffered only smoke inhalation due to his quick actions
With secure, reliable wireless technology, EMS and emergency departments can provide uninterrupted patient care.
Turbo-UV uses Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation for decontamination of hard surfaces such as those found in an ambulance
By Dan White FireRescue1 Columnist Contributor At the EMS State of the Sciences Conferences, held in Dallas, Texas, I saw a new innovation in patient transportation: the Ferno