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The portable monitor can be pointed in virtually every direction.
Typically thought of as a defensive weapon, the deck gun can buy you crucial time to make an interior attack.
Here's a list of the most outstanding innovations to hit the fire service this year and a short list of those I hope to see next year.
Monitors will give you more firefighting power without tying down personnel; here's what to know before you buy.
Ask any fire service leader what the most important area of concern is in the present day and most will tell you saving money and manpower. The mantra of doing more with less is
By Shantee Woodards The Capital ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The heart races. Lungs burn. Even with their bodies telling them to slow down, most firefighters instinctively want to push
When Elkhart Brass set out to design a new monitor and valve operating system, they had a few key points in mind: It had to be easy to use, it had to be flexible, and it had to be
By Don Sjolin Elkhart Brass Originally published in International Fire Fighter MagazineFrom a general perspective, monitors can be categorized into two broad application uses. The
By Gary Handwerk Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine What is a pumper? It's a delivery system that transports equipment and a fire crew to the fire scene, but what it
By Don Finley The San Antonio Express-NewsSAN ANTONIO — Perhaps the biggest collaboration in years by competing doctors, hospitals and emergency medical systems is nearing
By Andrew J. Nelson Omaha World-Herald OMAHA, Neb. — As part of its effort to make Omaha a safer place to have a heart attack, the Omaha Fire Department is adding a new tool
If you are reading this article, you’re probably wondering, “Why did my grant get rejected and what are we doing wrong?” You’re not alone; in this year’s AFG program, about 9,000
Hose diameter — particularly which is better — is a popular topic in the fire service. Is 1.75 inches better than 1.5 inches? Is 2 inches better than 1.75 inches? Is 5 inches
Because of problems associated with hoses inadvertently being dropped on the street while responding—which in two cases resulted in deaths—the NFPA 1901 Technical Committee has

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