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Conn. firefighter dies from injuries after truck accident

Duty Death: Capt. John Keane - [Waterbury, Connecticut]

The Associated Press

Firefighter Capt. John Keane (left) died Tuesday, while Joseph Fischetti (right) remained in critical condition.

WATERBURY, Conn. — A firefighter who was critically injured when two fire trucks collided while racing to a house fire died Tuesday morning, officials with the mayor's office said.

Capt. John Keane was married and had two children, ages 8 and 10.

"He was the kind of guy you would always want standing by your side. If you faced a tough issue, he was always there with the information you needed to make a good decision," Fire Chief Michael Maglione said.

A second firefighter injured in the crash, Joseph Fischetti, remained in critical condition at Waterbury Hospital.

The two were thrown from an engine truck when it collided with a ladder truck Saturday morning. Keane suffered head and internal injuries, and Fischetti, who was driving, sustained internal injuries, fire officials said.

Six other firefighters were injured and are expected to recover, authorities said.

Fire Chief Michael Maglione said an investigation will include a review of the trucks' repair records.

The fire Saturday had started on a stove and was quickly extinguished, fire officials said.

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