Chaffing harness straps

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Chaffing harness straps


By Mark van der Feyst

Many bunker gear manufacturers are incorporating a Class II harness into the pants to provide the firefighter with a harness for aerial- and ground-ladder operations and for firefighter window bailouts. The harness has a rated clasp that the firefighter buckles when donning the pants.

This clasp can be either an insert type or a self-closing hook-and-latch type. Either way, the waist strap of the harness can be exposed to the Velcro enclosure system of the pants. When the bunker pants are folded or pushed down around the boots ready for donning, the Velcro patch rubs against the strap. This chaffing starts to erode the waist strap; this can led to the waist strap eventually failing.

To protect against this chaffing, one manufacturer recommends keeping the pants enclosure closed when doffing the pants so that the Velcro patch is not exposed.

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Omar Jordan Omar Jordan Monday, October 08, 2012 6:19:49 AM we ran into this problem 15 years ago and have not used velcro on our harnesses since then. look into the actual use of the harness and evaluate what you are using the harness for; eg: bailout, ladder work etc. the velcro in the picture is to keep the 2 loops in place when not in use. consider a A-frame type of harness that does not have the need for velcro. Omar Jordan RIT Safety Solutions.