Beware of the animals

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Beware of the animals


By Mark van der Feyst

Every call we respond to has some hazard present that we try to identify, control and remove. Certain types of calls will present hidden hazards while others present obvious hazards. One such hazard that is sometimes very obvious is animals or pets.

Medical calls commonly have some interference from family pets. When the owner is experiencing a medical emergency, the family pet will sometimes be there to protect the owner from any further harm; this includes firefighters and EMS personnel. I can remember a few calls recently where family pets were in the way and had to be contained by the owner or animal control.

Animals also can be present at MVCs. One recent call had three dogs running around after the owner crashed his pick-up truck into a ditch. Although the dogs were not an immediate threat (they were not barking or approaching us), they still presented a hazard as they would get in the way of our operations.

If there are animals present when arriving at a call, be sure to neutralize the threat.  

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Jeff Masson Jr. Jeff Masson Jr. Tuesday, December 25, 2012 11:53:58 AM Neutralize the threat? I sure hope this doesn't mean neutralize the threat, as in killing people's animals. Because that would not be cool at all, I would literally perpetrate great bodily harm to anyone who would even try to harm my dog or animals.
Scott Dore Scott Dore Sunday, February 17, 2013 10:03:26 PM i think he meens have the pet put in another room that s one way of nutralizing a problem without injury to fire/ems and also is safer for the pet while ems do their job . i love my dogs as well bro :)