Hazards and Hazmat

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Hazards and Hazmat Official Announcements
U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard Expand Common Operating Picture Capability as CoBRA WEB version Receives U.S.A.F Certification DOT Releases New Emergency Response Guidebook New HAZMAT Training Available IAFC Testifies Before U.S. Congress on Medical Countermeasures Rae Systems Inc. Simulates Hazardous-Materials Incident and Real-Time Response at FDIC 2010 NFPA and SAE announce national safety summit on the safe implementation of electric vehicles Euramco Safety Receives ATEX Certification For Its RAMFAN Hazardous Location Turbo Blower Line DHS adopts NFPA standards for responders to hazardous materials/weapons of mass destruction incidents Standards, test procedures for CBRN respirators NIOSH issues user notice for certain CBRN APR respirators IAFC and the U.S. Department of Transportation Partner to Create Hazardous Materials Fusion Center RKB Launches Decontamination Equipment Survey Advanced Chemical and Biological Integrated Response Course (ACBIRC) FireRescue1 and Masimo Launch FireRehab.com Fla. county receives hazmat suits from Covanta USFA and NFPA Release Report on Behavioral Mitigation of Smoking Fires FDA AND NIOSH Public Health Notification: Oxygen Regulator Fires Resulting from Incorrect Use of CGA 870 Seals
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