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With no standards to guide us, the best way to do gross decontamination on scene is anyone's guess. Full Story

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Specifically for Firefighters

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The health and wellness topic covers fitness, nutrition and physical preparation for firefighting. On this page, you’ll find tips on exercising around the firehouse, eating right and dealing with the stress. Learn to do proper fire rehab and stay informed about firefighter health to avoid the injuries and illnesses, like heart disease, that are common killers in the fire service.

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Michael Medeiros

Fitness for Fire

Crisis intervention teams: Helping our own

In the public safety field, one of the least addressed topics is the mental wellness of our responders. When tragedy and violence hit, we're the first to be there. Having to care for people when they are  ... Full Story

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American Addiction Centers - Help is Only a Call Away
American Addiction Centers Interviews John Salka, Retired Battalion Chief FDNY

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