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Junior officer

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High-angle rescue: How to execute mid-height pick off - 12/17/2014

In light of the recent rescue that FDNY performed, ...

9 ways to protect fire trucks from road salts - 12/16/2014

Many areas of the country use a variety of liquid salts to treat roadways during periods of snow, sleet and freezing rain. They are great for roads, but rough on fire trucks.

Salt, ...

3 keys to fire service leadership - 12/15/2014

There are hundreds of books that list the most frequently sought after traits in a successful leader. Traits such as integrity, honesty, knowledge and experience are prime examples.

However, ...

Why fire officers need emotional intelligence - 11/29/2014

When firefighters talk about competency, what they are usually referring to is technical skills and abilities related to the job. The list of technical competencies necessary for good fire ...

Fire response: How not to ruin the holidays - 11/29/2014

Emergency response during the holidays can be the most challenging of the year. Increased focus, heightened emotions and historical stressors can create a difficult situation for any firefighter ...

Fire attack: Hose size matters - 11/26/2014

Last month we looked at the dominos that can be created when advancing a hose line improperly and the issues that can arise with that. This month we will look at the issue of selecting the ...

Prejudice in the fire service: 2 leaders, 2 reactions - 11/26/2014

This past week's news brought us a tale of two cities of sorts, at least as it relates to fire service leadership.

In one area, you had fire service leaders confronted with a ...

Hitting the abandoned commercial building - 11/24/2014

This fire involved an unoccupied commercial structure that was no longer open for business. For many departments the arrival of firefighting forces at a fire in an abandoned commercial structure ...

Firefighter PPE is key to disease control - 11/21/2014

It seems there is always the next big killer lurking right around the corner. Ebola has been hitting the news like a major hurricane hitting Tampa Bay.

Remember that Ebola is really ...

4 firefighter stretches in 4 minutes - 11/20/2014

It's zero dark thirty as you come trudging into the station for shift change. Your body is sore from the busy shift you had the day before at your volunteer department; a working fire ...

How the public sees a fire attack - 11/17/2014

The fire department responded to a liquor store and a cell phone store involved in fire. Ultimately, a total of nine agencies assisted in the suppression operations. The two stores were a ...

Taking care of the rescued firefighter - 11/10/2014

We've all placed a great deal of emphasis on improving firefighter safety on the fireground by developing and implementing Rapid Intervention Team strategies, procedures and training. ...

Fire attack: Well-involved older construction home - 11/08/2014

The vast majority of fires that most fire departments respond to involve fires in residential properties. Progressive fire departments take these "routine" fires and develop Standard ...

SC landfill fire has turned into a 'nightmare' - 11/08/2014

By Rachel Southmayd and Bristow Marchant
The Herald

LOCKHART, S.C. — The Chester County landfill fire — once believed to be nearly contained — turned ...

4 steps of sound fireground decision-making - 11/05/2014

If you search "OODA Loop" on the web, there will be several hundred references to the term from historians and writers in the military, government, academia, and business regarding ...

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Monday, December 22, 2014

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High-angle rescue: How to execute mid-height pick off
Pick offs require a lot of repetition and are a high-risk rigging event; these steps and video will help you train for these rescues.
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