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How to extinguish volunteer firefighter burnout -

Volunteers make up 69 percent of firefighters in the United States.

That number, however, has declined by about 12 percent since 1984. Those hard numbers are backed by countless ...

How company fire officers influence safety culture -

Nobody in a fire and EMS organization has more influence on its daily operations than does the first-line supervisor — the company officer.

So it only stands to reason that ...

Make your arson case stick -

By Roger Krupp

In most jurisdictions, the fire chief or a designate has a statutory requirement to determine the origin and cause of fires that occurred in their communities.

Are ...

5 steps to a safe ice rescue -

To follow up on the recent training fatality in Canada, ...

Keys to firefighter roadside safety -

Keeping our personnel safe while operating on active highways and roadways is a very broad subject and many very good training programs have been and continue to be developed.

Consider ...

What advice would you give your younger self before joining the fire service? -

Every old firefighter was once a rookie.

We've all made mistakes that we wish we could go back and fix. Some wish they would have trained more, started younger or took better ...

Firefighter communication: How to avoid dangerous traps -

Communications plays an important part within our society as it forms the very basis upon which we operate, function, live and relate to each other.

In the fire service, communication ...

Texas volunteer firefighter dies in car crash -

Houston Chronicle

PLANTERSVILLE, Texas — A weekend car crash in Plantersville has left a young volunteer firefighter dead and a community in mourning.

Grimes County ...

What does the brother and sisterhood mean to you? -

One of the greatest things about the fire service is something that cannot be explained to the average person.

Whether you're a rookie or 20-year veteran, you've most likely ...

Fire Officers: How to keep your crew safe at crash scenes -

Traffic management at emergencies on highways and by-ways is getting a great deal of attention in recent years, and with good reason. Too many members of public safety agencies, not just firefighters, ...

What's the best firefighter rehab vehicle? -

The fire service has always been proud of their vehicles. We've got big trucks with lots of lights and all the bells and whistles.

Do an Internet search using the key words "fire ...

Fire attack: Use the deck gun on offense -

Most fire apparatus or engines are equipped with a top-mounted deck gun. This is a great asset for the engine company, as they have access to a large weapon that can be used for both defensive ...

How to goof off at the fire station -

When I worked as a backcountry ranger at Mt. Rainier in the late 1970s, we were required to make a list of work projects for our areas each season. These lists might include ongoing work (split ...

16 Fla. firefighters needed to move 750-pound patient -

By Emily Miller
The Sun Sentinel

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Sixteen people were needed Friday night to maneuver a nearly 750-pound patient out of his Deerfield Beach home ...

High-angle rescue: How to execute mid-height pick off -

In light of the recent rescue that FDNY performed, ...

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