Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths

Line-Of-Duty Deaths
In recognizing the sacrifice of fallen firefighters, this section will serve as a constant memorial to those who have given their lives protecting and ensuring the safety of the communities they serve. The significance of their contributions cannot be minimized, and while they will be dearly missed, their legacy lives on in the spirit of those who continue to serve.

For more information on how to honor the memory of a lost firefighter, visit the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation at

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Brian J. Munz -   - [Fairbury, Illinois]
Ill. firefighter dies in structure collapse
Frank Wichlacz -   - [Pulaski, Wisconsin]
Wis. fire chief dies in station accident
David Meron -   - [Hoosick Falls, New York]
N.Y. fire police officer dies on duty
Johnny Bajusz -   - [Long Key, Florida]
Fla. firefighter dies of injuries sustained in Jan. crash
Ryan Hummert -   - [Maplewood, Missouri]
Firefighter killed in St. Louis-area shooting
Joe Pat Jordan -   - [Pine Forest, Texas]
Community says goodbye to late Texas firefighter
Ryan Barker -   - [West Hill, New York]
Crash kills N.Y. firefighter
Robert Knight -   - [Teague, Texas]
Texas volunteer fire chief dies after fighting blaze
Robert Roland -   - [Mendocino County, California]
Heart attack suspected in Calif. firefighter's death
Michael MacDonald -   - [Missoula, Montana]
Mont. firefighter among dead in Ariz. helicopter crash
Gary L. Studer -   - [Whitehouse, Ohio]
Ohio captain dies after stroke at fire station
Jeff Powers -   - [Marin, California]
Calif. deputy fire chief dies
George E. Crocker -   - [Pine Level, North Carolina]
N.C. chief dies at home
Kevin Pryor -   - [Newport Beach, California]
Calif. firefighter dies of brain hemorrhage
Gene Thomas -   - [Verona, North Carolina]
N.C. firefighter, deputy killed while directing traffic
Russell Thomas "Rusty" Topping -   - [Dewey, Oklahoma]
Firefighter collapses, dies at Okla. training center
Richard Burns -   - [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania]
Pa. firefighter dies at firehouse
Jay Maddy -   - [Eaton, Indiana]
Ind. firefighter's death linked to stress in battling arsons
Raymond "Rocky" Eusden -   - [Aston, Pennsylvania]
Pa. fire chief dies of heart attack
Joseph R. Mixon -   - [Birmingham, Alabama]
Ala. training captain dies after stroke

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Line-Of-Duty Deaths

James Varnell -   - [Elm City, North Carolina] Scott Bruggeman -   - [Middletown, Ohio] Richard Cano -   - [Houston, Texas]

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Line of Duty Deaths

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