Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths

Line-Of-Duty Deaths
In recognizing the sacrifice of fallen firefighters, this section will serve as a constant memorial to those who have given their lives protecting and ensuring the safety of the communities they serve. The significance of their contributions cannot be minimized, and while they will be dearly missed, their legacy lives on in the spirit of those who continue to serve.

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Justin Monroe, Victor Isler -   - [Salisbury, North Carolina]
Two N.C. firefighters killed in massive lumber yard blaze
Nicholas Picozzi -   - [Linwood, Pennsylvania]
Pa. volunteer dies in house fire sparked by electric lines
Roger Dennis -   - [San Antonio, Texas]
San Antonio fire engineer dies of heart attack
Brad Holmes -   - [Pine Township, Pennsylvania]
Pa. volunteer firefighter succumbs to burns
Mathieu Émond -   - [Varennes, Canada]
Quebec firefighter dies trapped in burning home
Rafael Vazquez -   - [Palm Beach, Florida]
Firefighter killed in Fla. Wendy's shooting went back for toy
Joey Turner -   - [Homerville, Georgia]
Ga. firefighter dies of heart attack during training
Shane Stewart -   - [Pierce, Colorado]
Colo. firefighter killed driving to medical emergency
Vance Tomaselli -   - [San Bernardino County, California]
Calif. fire captain dies of stroke
Michael Hays -   - [Brazos, New Mexico]
Former N.M. fire chief killed in station explosion
Larry 'Jack' Lockart -   - [Dayton, Pennsylvania]
Pa. firefighter collapses during call; dies in firehouse
Chief Kerry Sheridan -   - [Troy Township, Illinois]
Ill. fire chief dies in dept. office
James Earl Arthur -   - [Rowan County, North Carolina]
N.C. firefighter dies responding to traffic accident
Chief Matthew Hubly -   - [Kankakee Township, Illinois]
Ill. fire chief could not recover from heart attack
Edward Mueller -   - [West Islip, New York]
N.Y. firefighter/EMT dies of heart attack
Captain David Sherfick -   - [Brown Township, Indiana]
Indiana firefighter dies in traffic accident
Captain Donald Hubbel -   - [Baltimore City, Maryland]
Baltimore City firefighter dies of cardiac arrest
Chief Paul Swander -   - [Ohio City, Ohio]
Ohio chief dies after fall from ladder
Captain George Egerton -   - [Ontario, Canada]
Ontario fire chief dies of heart attack after alarm
Clyde Walker -   - [Collinsville, Mississippi]
Miss. chief killed in crash while responding

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Line-Of-Duty Deaths

Terry Culver -   - [Calvert City, Kentucky] Walter Szelag -   - [Detroit, Michigan] Thomas Kolarick -   - [Keasbey, New Jersey]

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Line of Duty Deaths

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