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Fire Chief Digital: Why firefighters commit suicide, fixing PTSD in the fire service and more -
Fire Chief Digital Edition - Winter 2016 focuses on how far we've come in helping firefighters and what our next steps are.

FireRescue1 Year in Review 2015 -

2015 has been a year full of amazing rescues, tragedies and poignant moments. Join us as we look back on back on some of the biggest stories and issues from 2015. Read first-person accounts, ...

Survival kit: Active shooters -
This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help educate, train and prepare you for an active shooter situation.

Survival kit: Line of duty deaths -
This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help you cope with a line of duty death.

Special Report: Oregon community college shooting -
At least nine people were killed and seven others wounded when a gunman opened fire Thursday at Umpqua Community College. Gunman Chris Harper Mercer, 26, was killed in a firefight with sheriff's ...

14 years later: Remembering 9/11 -
On this day 14 years ago, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including 343 firefighters, 8 EMTs and medics and 60 police officers.

Fire-Rescue International 2015 in Atlanta -
FR1 was in Atlanta reporting from Fire-Rescue International 2015 with the latest news, products and tips from the educational sessions.

40 years ago: "Emergency!" on cover of TV Guide -
From 1972-1979, the crew of Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Station 51, particularly the paramedic team, and Rampart Hospital respond to emergencies in their operating area.

Fire Chief Digital: Extinguishing firefighter burnout, why civilian fire boards don't work, and more -
Fire Chief Digital Edition - Summer 2015 focuses on volunteer and combination leadership challenges.

Firefighter: SC gunman post taken out of context -
He read on Facebook about a person donating a large sum of money to the victims, so he said 'This person ought to be praised for his good deed.'

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Line-Of-Duty Deaths

David Conley -   - [Olive Hill, Kentucky] James Butler -   - [Derby, Connecticut] James Varnell -   - [Elm City, North Carolina]

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Line of Duty Deaths

FireRescue1 Exclusive

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5 things firefighters must know about nozzles
Understanding how and why nozzles work better prepares firefighters to make quick, effective knock downs.
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