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FireRescue1 Newsletter Archive

FireRescue1 eNews
FD accused of hazing cadets; How do FFs view LODDs? | Sept. 15, 2014 4 FFs suspended in patriotic sticker flap; 1895 bell to toll on 9/11 | Sept. 10, 2014 Detroit FFs use pop cans for fire alarm; Nearly half DC aerials grounded | Sept. 8, 2014 Houston chief defends FFs; FFs free texting driver impaled in buttocks | September 3, 2014 Houston deadly fire report; New heart drug breakthrough | September 2, 2014 Gunman threatens FFs, gets shot; Video: Fire truck falls into hole | August 27, 2014 Massive Calif. quake tests FFs; FD scammed about girl's cancer | August 25, 2014 How FFs handled Ferguson shooting; Barred FF swipes gear, goes to fire | August 20, 2014 Hospital: Failed transport our fault; Dog sniffs out FF's cancer | August 18, 2014 Video: FF shares chief's last moments; Why volunteer FFs volunteer | August 13, 2014
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FireRescue1 Safety Alert
5 ways to keep FFs safe; A safer car-fire attack | August 19, 2014 How safe is station wear?; Roadside safety expert's advice | July 22, 2014 2 ways to simplify PPE buying; Study can cut FF heart attacks | June 24, 2014 2 projects for cleaner PPE; Why SCBA fit testing matters | May 20, 2014 Survey: PPE care improving; How to prep for severe weather | April 15, 2014 Teaching driver safety; Keeping cancer-causing agents off PPE | March 18, 2014 6 ways to make safer FFs; How to improve FF hoods | February 25, 2014 Staying safe on winter-weather scenes; 8 ways to fend off cancer | January 28, 2014 Lessons from a deadly 2013; What SCBA testing glitch means to you | Dec. 17, 2013 Hazmat suits need makeover; NFFF: Next step in FF safety | Nov. 21, 2013
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Product eNews
How a Fla. station pays for itself; 6 ways to stay fit FF invents radical hydrant; 5 game-changing truck techs Get ready for flexible FF gloves; 5 fire truck buying strategies Holy Grail of FF tracking; Firehouse tornado survival tools Proper equipment for flammable liquids; FF invents roof operations safety tool 5 drones for firefighting; 6 survival tips for FF trade shows 10 things to look for in a fire helmet; What's new in fire investigation tools EMS bag styles excel in different scenarios; Keep turnout gear clean Tis the season for chimney fires; Tools for a solid vehicle rescue New tool excels at breaking things; Volunteer firefighters develop mapping app
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FireRescue1 eNews Weekend Edition
Free fix for Detroit pop-can alarms; 9/11 heroes get Congressional medals | Sept. 12, 2014 Group to rewrite FF guidelines; SF Fire works 5-alarm blaze | September 5, 2014 Exclusive: Behind Ferguson's front lines; Chief saves child from hot car | August 29, 2014 4 FFs shocked in aerial at ice challenge; FF stabbed on scene | August 22, 2014 FF death brings protocol changes; Video: NY Jets complete CWC | August 15, 2014 Second Ky. firehouse burns; Vandals hit FFs' cars | August 8, 2014 2 FFs charged in apparatus crash; Chief resigns, FFs locked out | August 1, 2014 Fire chief hurt in truck crash; 'Devil' wanted FF to kill fire chief | July 25, 2014 Military vehicle program restored; First FDNY female in FF calendar | July 17, 2014 2 FFs charged in homeless man beating; FFs call in sick to protest cuts | July 11, 2014
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7 ways to get FFs into rehab; How to beat summer heat | July 24, 2014 Post-incident mental rehab; Solving 3 heat-related threats | May 22, 2014 How to fuel firefighters; Sugar is killing FFs | March 27, 2014 How to prepare for the 'big one'; Rehab to ward off cancer | Sept. 26, 2013 What a 'dirty doll' teaches about rehab; 4 changes to prolong your life | July 25, 2013 Tricks to sleep well after a nightshift; How to beat dehydration | May 23, 2013 New pill detects overheated FFs; Firefighter-designed rehab nozzle | March 28, 2013 Steps to ward off cancer; yoga for firefighting 'prehab' | Sept. 25, 2012 3 factors in tactical rehab; Recognize and treat heat illness | July 17, 2012 Don't rehab with soda; Rehabbing the diabetic firefighter | May 17, 2012
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4 ways to be a better leader; How the past changed volunteer firefighting | July 17, 2014 Should fire chiefs be elected?; 4 ways to boost training | May 8, 2014 How mayday training saved a FF's life; 5 issues for volunteer fire service | January 14, 2014 Should vol. FFs be paid?; Get the most from training night | October 8, 2013 Taxi smashes fire truck, injures 4 FFs; How to cope with non-LODDs Squirrel-kill fundraiser protested; FF who lost arm in crash comes home | March 12, 2013 How to land more money; Oldest FF recognized at 90 | Jan. 24, 2013 16-year-old volunteer dies at first house fire; Should we vote for our officers? | Nov. 8, 2012 California-Casualty-FR1-Vol-eBlast-10-25-12 2 ways to beat burnout; Video: Breaching barred windows | Sept. 6, 2012
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Fire Apparatus eNews
How to spend less on fire trucks; Aerial safety near powerlines | Sept. 11, 2014 Should all rigs carry water?; Bolt-together fire trucks | August 26, 2014 7 rigs to make you say 'wow'; Rebuilding brush trucks | July 31, 2014 How to 'solar power' your truck; 5 reasons to go modular | June 26, 2014 6 ways to keep reserve fleet ready; How to improve truck's drafting ability | May 15, 2014 4 keys to buying command rigs; What to look for in rearview cameras | April 24, 2014 On-Scene-Solutions-FR1-Apparatus-eBlast-4-3-14 Controversy: Religious symbol on rig; Keep your fire truck from catching fire | March 13, 2014 American LaFrance closes; Old fire trucks: Repair vs replace | February 20, 2014 How to keep air brakes working in winter; Cool off-roading response vehicles | January 16, 2014
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Communications eNewsletter
NFPA to fix fireground radio fails; Google Glass app brings data to FFs | February 13, 2014 How to use social media during incidents; Text messaging comes to 911 | Sept. 26, 2013 Smartphone software that spies; New tech may solve interoperability issues | April 11, 2013 Avoid FCC fines; FDNY tests electronic command board | Feb. 14, 2013 Future of public safety communication; NYC's Sandy dispatch mistakes | Dec. 11, 2012 4 skills for better radio comm; Dispatcher saves girl in burning house | Oct. 16, 2012 Experts discuss next steps for D Block; Tools for data sharing | August 21, 2012 Voice pagers buying tips; FCC radio deadline looms | June 26, 2012 D Block approved: Now what?; Dispatch confusion & the Colo. wildfires | April 12, 2012 FFs use eBay to patch up radios; Fireground comms problems & solutions
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Secret Grant Sale! Take the FireGrantsHelp and EMSGrantsHelp Survey! 7 reasons why you were rejected; Why NHTSA wants to fund EMS | August 27, 2014 AFG Regional Projects Discount! 3 tips to grant-funded projects; Grant buys FFs body armor | July 30, 2014 Last Week to get 2 for the Price of 1! AFG + SAFER Grants! 2 for the Price of 1! AFG + SAFER Grants! Last Chance to Save 20% on AFG Grant Writing! Cold Water Challenges for charity; Is your EMS idea innovative? FireGrantsHelp-Earlybird-AFG-Discount
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Career Newsletter
How FF work-life balance ranks; Important cert info for military vets | August 14, 2014 FF street smarts a career edge; What would you change about recruit school? | June 10, 2014 10 traits great FFs share; Fast hydrant connect tip | April 8, 2014 Firefighting experience for teens; When should a FF retire? | February 4, 2014 20 things all rookies should know; What would you change on agility test? | Dec. 2, 2013 36 questions for officer candidates; Skills you need to be a great company officer | Oct. 15, 2013 Score higher on written tests; How to land the officer's job | August 13, 2013 4 truths about getting hired in the fire service; 8 ways to handle disciplinary action | June 4, 2013 4 keys to a good FF job application; How to get the most from NFA classes | April 9, 2013 How to pass the EMT exam; Understanding the politics of firefighting | March 7, 2013
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PPE101 eNews
2 projects to improve PPE; Why face piece fit tests matter | May 29, 2014 8 ways PPE protects from cancer; How to buy turnout washers | March 25, 2014 4 AFG changes you need to know; 10-year PPE retirement rule stands | Nov. 19, 2013 Should all PPE be retired after 10 years?; Vols forgo pay for new gear | September 24, 2013 3 ways to store PPE; Prototype helmet uses sense of touch to 'see' | May 30, 2013 Overhaul dangers exposed; How to find the right glove | March 26, 2013 PPE101-eNewsletter-Vol-14 PPE for hybrid vehicle crashes; FF gets thousands for broken glove | Sept. 20, 2012 Draeger responds to claims of faulty SCBA; Turnout gear: Why fit is important Study finds facepiece failures; Planned changes to SCBA, PASS devices
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Fire Product Alerts
Fire-Dex-FR1-eBlast-9-16-14 Argus-FR1-eBlast-8-26-14 Fireshow-Reno-eBlast-8-26-14 TECGEN-FR1-Aug-19-2014 Task-Force-Tips-FR1-eBlast-8-5-14 On-Scene-Solutions-FR1-Apparatus-eBlast-7-24-14 WIN A 2014 HARLEY-DAVIDSON SEVENTY-TWOŽ OR $10,000! Exclusive for Federal Public Safety: Workforce Management Practices Revealed Free Grant Assistance for TECGEN PPE Does your gear meet standards, or exceed them?
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Wildland eNews
Wildland eNews September 2011 Wildland eNews June 2011
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FR1 Humor
Vigilante FFs go on cop-arrest spree; Mayors: Buy your own fire trucks | April 1, 2014 First robot fire chief created; Detroit FD forced to shop 99Cent Store for gear | August 8, 2013 Kittens save FFs, mayor demands better dance moves & more funnies | Feb. 14, 2013
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FR1 Quarterly Product Supplement
Aerials in 2013: What to ask before you buy; How tall is tall enough? | Nov. 25, 2013 Special Report: Gearing up for the industrial firefight | August 27, 2013 QPS-SCBA-June-2013 Foam in 2013: Current trends and future; Matching the foam to the fuel | Feb. 26, 2013 Rescue equipment in 2012: Tools for tech rescue; Simple hybrid extrication Apparatus 2012: Key features your vehicle needs; Top 10 fire truck improvements PPE special report: Fire helmets roundtable; Key features for rescue gloves
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FIRE CHIEF Newsletter
Are fire chiefs expendable?; How to make better decisions Fire prevention debate rages; Choosing a fire instructor | August 12, 2014 Interview: Chief Goldfeder; How to handle 'Philly style' protests 12 things learned from burning houses; How to improve recruiting | June 10, 2014 2 career-killing behaviors; How to reduce civilian deaths | May 13, 2014 13 ways to kill your career; 8 leadership tips from the ranks | April 8, 2014 Premiere Issue: How to lead through a LODD; Beating FF stress | March 6, 2014
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FR1-TargetSolutions-Launchbox-7-23-13 Verizon-Wireless-FR1-Advertorial-August-2013 FR1-Scott-Launchbox-12-14-12 A Closer Look: Spartan's Advanced Protection System
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