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Firerescue1 Safety Newsletter
Jan. 15, 2013

Dear FireRescue1 Member,

Done right, forced entry is a thing of beauty. Done wrong, it can endanger the entire fire operation. In this month's eNews, we show you just how to do it right and ensure that you grab the right tools off the rig.

We also discuss the proper way to conduct a field test, which will allow fire departments to choose the right turnout gear with supporting data.

The FireRescue1 Team

The Butcher's Bill
Safe approach to forcible entry
By Tom LaBelle, FR1 Columnist
The potential to need forcible egress is why everyone needs to understand these concepts. Being on the wrong side of the door during a highly dynamic thermal event, makes these skills invaluable. Tools you need
PPE Update
How to conduct a PPE field test
By Jeff and Grace Stull, FR1 Columnists
A properly conducted field test will help a fire department choose the right gear and have the data to support that choice. Kicking it off
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