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Asst. Fire Chief: "When you have a 40,000-pound truck flip on its side, and no one is seriously hurt, I'd say that's a pretty lucky day."
A fire department vehicle's camera caught the moment this Lansing, Mich. house exploded.
Michael Hallenbeck, 21, was struck by a tree Saturday near Lake Tahoe during an initial fire attack.
Kevin Bell died when his SCBA ran out of air; a preliminary NIOSH report showed that one of his alarm bells was not working.
San Diego Fire Capt. Vadid Cisneros walked out of the building after falling about 20 feet through the roof.

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Second-life fire trucks: Know the risks
Repurposing rigs for fire-service duty can be a great cost savings, but they require great care to make sure they are safe for firefighting. Full Story
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