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John Ollberding, who had been renting a cabin with his family, saw the helicopter go down; he's been struggling with what he saw ever since.
The calf was reunited with the other cattle once the fire had passed through; one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion.
Firefighters were alerted to the fire when a resident ran to a fire station and banged on the door; no one was injured in the blaze.
The fire truck was responding to the scene of a multiple car crash caused by icy roads when a pickup truck slid on the ice and crashed into the back of the rig.
More than 30 passengers were sent to hospitals when the train derailed; none of the injuries were considered life-threatening.

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A case for giving firefighters, medics body armor
Given the street-level dangers and improved technology, ballistic vests should be an option to all firefighters and medics. Full Story
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Line-Of-Duty Deaths

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