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Reality Training: The irate civilian -
The irrational, irate civilian situation can often be killed with kindness. And if not, as in this video, firefighters who keep their cool come out looking better and not escalating the situation ...

Reality Training: A compromised structure and firefighter safety -
Chief Wylie examines this residential fire from reading smoke, to crew safety, to resource deployment, to command decisions. You can see the full-length video here. ...

Reality Training: Live fire safety -
Chief Wylie looks at a full-structure training burn and points out what the crews are doing right and where they are compromising their safety. Sponsored by Globe ...

Reality Training: Dumpster fires -
Chief Wylie shows us why this dumpster-fire training video covers all the bases from firefighters in full PPE to an ample amount of instruction to situational awareness. You can watch more videos ...

Reality Training: Live fire training precautions -
Live-fire training or demonstrations are just as dangerous as structure fires. Chief Wylie examines this video of a training gone wrong and explains how to take the necessary precautions to keep ...

Fire attack: Understanding landmark buildings -

Fires in landmark structures pose some unique operational challenges for fire department, foremost being the mindset of the initial responding companies. The default mindset for firefighters ...

Fire attack: Understanding landmark buildings -
The fire destroyed a restaurant and dance hall.

Hitting the abandoned commercial building -

This fire involved an unoccupied commercial structure that was no longer open for business. For many departments the arrival of firefighting forces at a fire in an abandoned commercial structure ...

Detroit hardware store fire -
Watch for two-angles of the building collapsing. No one was injured.

How the public sees a fire attack -

The fire department responded to a liquor store and a cell phone store involved in fire. Ultimately, a total of nine agencies assisted in the suppression operations. The two stores were a ...

Calif. firefighters battle liquor store fire -
A total of nine departments assisted in the operation. No injuries were reported.

Fire attack: Well-involved older construction home -

The vast majority of fires that most fire departments respond to involve fires in residential properties. Progressive fire departments take these "routine" fires and develop Standard ...

Fire attack: Sizing up an abandoned factory -

Fire attack: Auto repair shop -

Commercial building fires pose unique challenges. The fire is typically not being fueled by the structural components like it is in wood-frame construction. This makes it incumbent that fire ...

Training forum: How to attack a car fire -

Chief Rob Wylie examines a car-fire attack video and explains what's done right and what can be improved upon.

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