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Announcing the International Fire Safety Congress, SCI 2009: MADRID, June 8-10th

The International Congress on Fire Safety, SCI 2009, will be held in Madrid (Spain) on the 8th, 9th and 10th of June 2009 and is organized by TECNIFUEGO-AESPI.

The International Congress on Fire Safety, together with the European perspectives that affect the sector, present the very latest scientific and technological advances on fire protection in Spain. This Congress brings together the following: public administration, fire brigades, public/private organizations, associations and companies, along with the university and business worlds, research centers, user groups, laboratories and control centers.


Over two days, the issues that most affect the sector will be analyzed, as well as their influence on its future development in fire protection safety.


P-1: Reaction to fire
P-2: Resistance to fire
P-3: Evaluation of passive protection products and systems


A-1: Fire protection equipment and installations
A-2: Fire protection based on protection systems
A-3: Specific fire protection design and application

Guest Speakers:

• Legislation
• Standardization
• Prevention and extinction
• Round tables
• An area will be set aside for holding a poster session

TECNIFUEGO-AESPI is the Spanish Association of Fire Protection Companies and includes companies with activities in the field of fire safety and protection in Spain. Together with companies, bodies, organizations and public institutions in this sector, we work for technical, scientific and industrial benefit, with wide representation on both national and international levels. TECNIFUEGO-AESPI is the Spanish representative at the various international forums, such as the representative European associations (EUROFEU, EURALARM, EAPFP, EFSN). TECNIFUEGO-AESPI holds Secretary for standardization and certification in Fire Protection and participates on a national level in CEPREVEN, CEPCO and AENOR.

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