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2015 Year in Review

2015 has been a year full of amazing rescues, tragedies and poignant moments. Join us as we look back on back on some of the biggest stories and issues from 2015. Read first-person accounts, hear from our expert columnists and catch some of the top videos of the year.

Here’s a look at the state of firefighter brotherhood and how that will play into emerging industry trends
Katlyn Mitchell was pregnant with firefighter Jeff Buck’s son when he was fatally injured during a porch collapse in a house fire; he never got to hear the news that he was having a son
The funny, absurd and plain unfathomable are ordinary days in the fire service; here’s a look at some of the better doozies
Take the quiz and challenge your firefighting brothers and sisters
Of the new products introduced this year, these nine have to potential to greatly improve firefighting
Brody Channell was returning from honoring his father who died in the line of duty when he pulled to the side of the road to help an officer performing CPR on an unresponsive infant
Firefighter Andrew Puckett’s life turned upside down when his father ended his life in 1999; he now tries to live in the moment and help fellow firefighters with depression
Join us as we look back on the most read, commented and shared articles on FR1 over the past year
There seems to be no territory firefighters won’t tread to make the save; here’s some of the year’s top rescues
Firefighting requires bravery, courage, and discipline, but judging from these videos, it also requires a fun sense of humor
Check out the top close-call clips of the year
We hope you enjoy checking out some of the best videos from the last 12 months
The holidays are right around the corner; let us help you with your gift shopping list