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Video: Ky. arsonist accidentally sets himself on fire

The suspect is seen sprinting across the parking lot after his shorts caught on fire

MADISONVILLE, Ky. — Police won’t know until the arsonist is caught how much of a liar he is. But security camera footage shows he definitely has his pants on fire.

The Madisonville Police Department released a security video of a suspect committing arson — and setting himself on fire in the process.

Police are searching for two suspects who tried to set a local business on fire Monday, reported WTHR

Security footage of the incident shows a man and a woman pulling up to the building in a white van. The woman exits the vehicle and uses a heavy wrench to smash in the store window.

After the woman returns to the van, the man steps out to toss a bottle with flaming liquid at the building. As he throws a second one, the impact causes a burst of flames that sets the suspect’s shorts, leg and shoes on fire. 

A second security camera captures the man sprinting across the parking lot and throwing himself onto a patch of grass. 

After the heated encounter, the man returns to toss another bottle with liquid on the building before driving away. 

Officials are investigating the incident and are asking anyone with information to contact police.  

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