Arsonist arrested in Chicago FD T-shirt

Thomas J. Walsh is accused of setting five to seven trash containers on fire

CHICAGO — A man arrested wearing a Chicago Fire Department t-shirt has been charged for setting a series of fires.

Thomas J. Walsh, 23, has been charged with arson in at least five fires that were set Sunday morning, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Walsh allegedly set five to seven trash containers on fire, the flames spreading to a garage and catching at least two cars on fire, badly damaging both.

Some of the fires were set near electrical poles, which caused sparking and consequently caused damage to nearby businesses.

Walsh, a security guard, wore a Chicago Fire Department T-shirt with engine and truck company numbers on it when he was arrested, but records show he is not employed by the city.

He is due to appear again in court on Jan. 2, 2013.

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