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RSS and Fire Chief features a diverse roster of firefighting experts who cover the entire spectrum of fire service experience, from chief and command-level leadership topics to guidance for new fire recruits and job seekers.

Likewise, our Editorial Advisory Board is composed of some of the foremost experts in the fire service who both steer our editorial coverage and share their wisdom with readers. It's part of our commitment to bring you the most comprehensive package of news, opinion, advice and instruction to help you become the best firefighter and leader possible.

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Firefighter Safety: Use Your Initiative

by Billy Hayes

Firefighter Rehab

by Bruce Evans
Sponsored by Masimo

A Shared History

by Bruce Hensler

First in Fitness

by Bryan Fass
Sponsored by Masimo

Women in Firefighting

by Cheryl Horvath

Building Construction

by Chief Gary Bowker (Ret.)

Heavy Rescue

by Dalan Zartman

Tip of the Spear

by Dennis Rubin

Lawyer Speak

by Donna Aversa

EMS Docs Responding

by EMS Physicians, Mercy Health System EMS

From the Fireground

by Jason Hoevelmann

The Rehab Training Center

by Jeffrey Lindsey

PPE Update

by Jeffrey O. and Grace G. Stull
Sponsored by Globe

Getting Grants

by Jerry Brant

Tactical Firefighting

by Jim Spell

Chief's Traffic

by John Buckman III

The Rehab Zone

by Ken Lavelle

Leading the Team

by Linda Willing

The Domino Effect

by Mark van der Feyst

EMS Grants Help

by Rachel Stemerman

Editor's Note

by Rick Markley,

Chief Concerns

by Rob Wylie

Product News

by Robert Avsec

Volunteer Voice

by Robert Rielage

Firefighter Safety

by Ronald J. Siarnicki
Sponsored by Globe

Firefighter Research

by Sara Jahnke
Sponsored by Masimo

On Fire

by Sarah Calams,
Associate Editor

Firefighting Career

by Steve Prziborowski

Firehouse Funnies

by Will Wyatt

Contributing Authors

1 Video Training Forum

by 1 Video Training Forum

Fire News in Focus

by Adam K. Thiel

Fireground Medical Operations

by Albert Einstein Medical Center

In Public Safety

by American Military University

The Communications Center


Prevention Matters

by Bill Delaney

Washington Watch

by Bill Webb

The Company Officer

by Billy Schmidt

Apparatus Essentials

by Bob Vaccaro

Conquer Promotional Interviews

by 'Captain Bob' Smith

Bread and Butter Basics

by Charles Bailey

Drive to Survive

by Chris Daly

Absolute Rescue

by Dalan Zartman
Sponsored by Absolute Rescue

EMS Public Relations

by Danielle Cortes DeVito

Extrication Today

by David Dalrymple

Successful Firefighter

by David Soler

Product and Tech News

by Drew Johnson

The Legal View

by Edward Robson

Fire Chief Digital Edition

by Fire Chief Staff

S.O. Sidelines

by Fire Department Safety Officers Association

Fire Quizzes

by Fire Quizzes


How to Buy Firefighting Products

by FireRescue1 Products Staff

Spotlight Series

by FireRescue1 Sponsors

Firefighting 101

by FireRescue1 Staff

1 Question

by FireRescue1 Staff

1 on One

by FireRescue1 Staff

1 Department

by FireRescue1 Staff

The Question

by FR1 Community

Lifestyle & Off-Duty

by FR1 Lifestyle Staff

The Apparatus Bay

by FR1 Staff

Fire Operations

by Fred LaFemina


by GovX

EMS News

by Greg Friese

The World of Rescue

by Harold Schapelhouman

International Association of Fire Chiefs

by International Association of Fire Chiefs

Rehab and Revitalize

by James Augustine

Close Calls on Camera

by Jason Poremba

Volunteer Professionals

by Jason Zigmont

Real World Firefighting

by Jay Lowry

Fire-EMS Spotlight

by Jim Sideras

Survival Zone

by Jim Upchurch

Fireground Tips and Tricks

by Jimm Walsh

From the J&B Archives

by Jones and Bartlett Publishing

Firefighter Strong

by Matthew Wenning

Street Smarts

by Michael Lee

Fitness for Fire

by Michael Medeiros

Behind the Patient: Street Portraits

by Michael Morse


by Mike McEvoy

Job Advice

by Mike Pertz

The Rehab Sector

by Perry Denehy

Fire Officer Safety

by Robert Avsec
Sponsored by Globe

Spoof News

by Spoof News

The Art of EMS

by Steve Whitehead

The Command Post

by The Command Post

Food for Thought

by The Kitchen Table bloggers

Community Focus

by Tom Kiurski

The Butcher's Bill

by Tom LaBelle
Sponsored by Globe

Uniform Stories

by Uniform Stories Staff

Grant Fundamentals

by William Fletcher

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