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Maintain the nozzle


By Mark van der Feyst

Hose lines packed on our fire apparatus usually have a nozzle attached for quick deployment. These nozzles are exposed to the everyday elements of dirt, dust, sunlight, cold, snow and so on.

They take a beating not just on the fireground but also sitting in the hose bed waiting for deployment, and so need regular maintenance to ensure that they work when needed. This involves taking the nozzle off and spending about 10 minutes doing some light maintenance.

Every manufacturer will have its own set of recommendations on how to maintain its products. It is best to follow those recommendations.

Light maintenance will include checking the nozzle for visible defects such as cracks, missing parts or damaged parts. It will also require cleaning the nozzle of dirt, which can be done with soap and water.

Lubricating the moving parts will help in the ease of the nozzle operation. Checking the gasket and lubricating it will also help. This simple maintenance will extend the life of the nozzle and will make sure that it will work when needed.

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