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Combat-ready gear


By Mark van der Feyst

Whether you are a volunteer, part-time or full-time firefighter, you will need to have your gear combat ready. Combat-ready gear is ready to go at any time. It is easily accessible and set for quick deployment.

In the volunteer fire stations, this may mean setting your gear in the locker or by the apparatus that you are assigned to. In either case, have the gear arranged in a way that allows you to quickly get dress without sorting through it all.

The gear in the photo above is not combat ready. The gear bag has been placed at the rear of the truck but not unpacked for quick action. The firefighter who owns this set of gear is going to need extra time to pull the gear out of the bag, get dressed and then board the apparatus.

Place your gear in a way that will allow you to get dressed quickly and with. Have your gear combat ready.

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