FDNY firefighters get in drunken brawl after medal ceremony

A source said a racial slur directed toward an African-American firefighter started a fight between two different groups of firefighters

By FireRescue1 Staff

NEW YORK — Hours after being honored at a medal ceremony, a group of FDNY firefighters got into a drunken brawl due to a racial slur.

NY Daily News reported that the fight occurred between Ladder Company 49 firefighters and Rescue Company 3 firefighters at a bar after a racial slur was directed toward an African-American member of the ladder company.

“They were drinking since 11 a.m.,” a source said. “They show up at the bar after the medal ceremony and they got out of hand. The ladder and engine guys were fighting with the Rescue 3 guys.”

Sources said bouncers had to spray at least one firefighter with pepper spray after the fight got out of control, and police were called.

A video shows the aftermath of the fight, and firefighters can be seen arguing with each other. A firefighter is also shown pushing a cop who was trying to break up the fight, and other firefighters are seen holding back their colleagues as they talk to the police.

A source said three Ladder 49 members went to continue the fight at Rescue 3 with the on-duty firefighters.

“They went to Rescue 3 to settle the score and wound up on the losing end because they were drunk fighting against the sober on duty firefighters,” the source said.

FDNY spokesman Francis Gribbon said an investigation has been launched into the incident.

“The Fire Department initiated an investigation following reports of a fight involving off-duty uniformed firefighters Wednesday night in the Bronx, and has since obtained disturbing video that we have shared with the city’s Department of Investigation,” he said. 

No one was arrested during the incident.


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