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Today AMKUS Rescue Systems continues to develop and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools and accessories. With an in-depth understanding of the fire rescue service, AMKUS offers innovative and reliable solutions with unsurpassed support.

Innovative Solutions

AMKUS tools include innovative features that offer users distinct user benefits. AMKUS’ battery powered tools (ION® family), include DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries that offer 60 Volt power at affordable pricing and the batteries can be shared with other tools on the apparatus. The short length and balance on all AMKUS tools increase operator safety and allow access to areas other brands can’t reach. The LINE tool family offers a wide range of models, each with unique features that allow for a quick response for even the most difficult extrications.

Unwavering Support

Since day one AMKUS has understood that it’s in a life-saving business. The tools are rugged, offering years of reliable performance. When service is required, we’ve extensively trained our employees, technicians, dealers and even customers to understand how the tools operate and how to efficiently repair them.

Wide Range of Options

  • The AMKUS family includes a wide range of battery and twin-line tools, struts, power units, and accessories. Many with optional features that are designed to help first responders perform more quickly and safely.
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