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Turn on all the switches


By Mark van der Feyst

There are many functions that an aerial apparatus can perform. These can be aerial operations, pump operations and power generation for electrical lines servicing scene lights or equipment.

Some of these functions must be activated in a certain sequence. One example is the pump. If the pump is needed but the aerial power take off (PTO) is engaged, the pump cannot be engaged until the apparatus has been taken out of aerial PTO. This can delay certain operations.

It is a good idea to engage of the services that are available on the aerial apparatus when arriving on scene. By turning on everything at the beginning, it will remove the need to power down the apparatus later to engage one of the functions. On our aerial apparatus, we turn on the generator PTO, the aerial power and PTO, and lastly put the pump into gear as soon as we arrive on scene. This ensures that all services are ready if needed.

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