accepts industry standard (JPG or GIF) banners and rich media ad formats. The following guidelines will help you develop banner ads that meet our specifications.

Banner and Rich Media Options:

(Limit One [1] Destination URL per Banner Ad)

JPG, GIF, & Rich Media (expandable, audio and video, in-banner streaming, and transitional)
Art Size Dimensions that can be static images or Rich Media enabled:
300x250, 160x600, 300x600, 728x90, 640x480
Maximum File Size
  • 300x250 = 30k
  • 160x600 = 30k
  • 300x600 = 30k
  • 728x90 = 30K
  • 640x480 = 100K
File Formats:
Approved Third Party Vendors:
Bluestreak, DoubleClick DART Motif, Eyeblaster, Point.Roll, Unicast In-Page Enliven, Viewpoint, Eyewonder, Interpolls, Klipmart, Atlas, and Shoshkele
Rich Media Types:
Expandable Banners (User-initiated)
Expandable Ads are accepted on all section main pages and story pages except the home page. Method of expansion and disappearance must be the same. (i.e., mouse-over or click). See more implementation guidelines below.

Maximum Expansion on HTML (creative pixel size includes banner and panel):
  • 300x250 expands to 500x500 (expands left, up, or down)
  • 160x600 expands to 400x600 (expands left only)
Transitional/Interstitial Ad Policy:
Transitional ads are defined as full-page ads that appear between pages during user navigation.
  • All click-through URLs must open in a new browser window.
  • The transitional ad needs to show on entry.
  • Accepted section pages only: News & Topics
  • Dimensions: Up to 640 pixels wide, 480 pixels height.
  • Horizontal scroll bars are not permitted.
  • File size: 100k
  • Maximum Animation: Up to 15 seconds and must close automatically after that. (Video can be host-or-user initiated. Audio must be user-initiated.)
  • Frequency: One (1) exposure per unique user per calendar day.
  • Prior approval required for all transitional ads at least 15 business days in advance of the campaign launch .
  • Final approved creative must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance of the campaign launch.
Audio and Video (includes In-Banner Streaming)
No host-initiated audio is permitted on Audio must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain clearly visible "mute" and "stop" functionality. Video can be host- or user-initiated. Any exceptions need prior approval.
Animation/Looping Guidelines for all media types
No loop maximum, but total animation time for all loops combined cannot exceed 15 seconds. Also, ads may not employ persistent rapid/"strobing" animation of any graphic, copy, or background element(s).
Implementation Guidelines:
Ad Creative Animation Time for the following:
  • Transitional and Audio: No more than 15 seconds on all pages.
  • In-Banner Streaming Video: No more than 30 seconds on all pages. Video must contain clearly visible “mute” and “stop” functionality.
Where applicable, the "ON/OFF", "STOP/PLAY", and "CLOSE X" button must be prominent and obvious.
Flash Ad Requirements

Click Tracking
The author of the Flash source file (.fla) has to assign a clickTag variable using a getURL button action. They also have to make sure that they have selected "_blank" for a target so it opens in a new window.

Step 1: Create a new layer on top of the design. Make a button which covers the entire design. Make sure the button is transparent.

Step 2: Right click on the transparent button and hit “Action”. Copy/Paste the following onto the script:

on (press) {getURL(url, "_blank");}

Make sure you check to see if the script contains no error.

Step 3: Exit out the Action box. Create another new layer on top of the previous. Make another button to cover the entire design. Again, make sure the button is transparent.

Step 4: Right click on the transparent button and hit “Action.” In “Global Functions” folder on upper left box, open up the “Brower/Network” folder. Double click on “getURL”. In the URL: box on the top, put in the FULL URL address that you wish to link to. In the Window: box below, please use _Blank.

Step 5: Exit out of the Action box. Save, Publish, and you’re done!

File Requirements

  • Backup .gifs must be submitted
  • Animation cannot continue past 15 seconds
  • Frame rate must be no more than 18fps
  • File size must not exceed Max File Sizes Above
Approval Process:
Prior approval from must be given for use of transitional/interstitial ads.

All Rich Media ads require 72-hour approval by site and submission 1 week prior to contract start date.

In the case of extreme negative user feedback/interference PoliceOne Editorial reserves the right to pull creative prior to campaign delivery. Advertiser would then have the right to make-good impressions with other mutually acceptable inventory.


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