The impact of a government shutdown on public safety

Here's a breakdown of who is considered "essential" and "nonessential" during a federal government shutdown

The federal government shutdown at midnight on Jan. 19, forcing thousands of federal workers to be placed on unpaid leave until a funding deal was brokered.

Along with federal workers, U.S. military members, along with their families, were also told that they would not receive a paycheck as long as the government was shutdown. Furthermore, military death benefits are not dispersed during a shutdown.

The Senate voted today at 12 p.m. EST to end the shutdown with a short-term spending bill, which will last up to Feb. 8. A vote was attempted Sunday night, but was later rejected.

Senators voted 81-18 to end debate, reopen the government and vote on the bill, which would next go to the House and then to President Trump.


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