Firefighter detects cancer early thanks to fire dept. screening

Spring Fire Department firefighter Matthew Corso was able to beat cancer four months into treatment after an abnormality was found on his LifeScan ultrasound

By FireRescue1 Staff

SPRING, Texas — A firefighter was able to detect his cancer early and beat it thanks to a screening conducted by the fire department.

In November 2016, Spring Fire Department firefighter Matthew Corso underwent a LifeScan ultrasound provided by the department, and an abnormality was found.

“She said cancer, I took that as a death sentence,” Corso said. “I didn’t know anyone that had beaten it.”

Corso underwent chemotherapy for four months with support and help from his colleagues.

“Everyday someone took me to chemo. A few of the guys put together a benefit for me and my family. They brought us meals,” Corso said. “They were willing to wait on us hand and foot.”

Corso was able to return to work April 2017 with a clean bill of health, and his wife, Stephanie, credits the early detection. 

“On his last day of chemo the fire truck came and there were probably about 30 guys that rallied around us,” Stephanie said. “That early detection is key and that was what saved Matt’s life was going through these scans.”

The department has been conducting the LifeScan ultrasounds since 2016, and will hold their third session this fall. Corso said he hopes other firefighters will continue to benefit from the scans.

“During the test in 2017, a few other people found out about some serious health issues, so it’s not just me that it’s helping,” he said. “Now I get to use my story to help others overcome some of these issues. For less than the cost of a dress uniform to bury me in, the Spring Fire Department saved my life.”

Fighting Fires & Cancer

Our heroes here at the Spring Fire Department are our greatest asset, so we are #SpringFireProud to go the extra mile for their health. Spring Senior Captain Matt Corso's story highlights one of our initiatives that is already saving lives.

Posted by Spring Fire Department on Wednesday, June 13, 2018


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