What would you change about your fire recruit school experience?

We gathered the most compelling responses and invite you to join in by adding your own opinion in the comment section below

The process of becoming a firefighter is not easy. It requires a heavy amount of patience, hard work, dedication and perseverance.

We asked readers on Facebook to tell us what they would change about their fire recruit school experience. We gathered the most compelling responses and shared them below. We now invite you to join in by adding your own opinion in the comment section below.

"More hands-on training and less classroom time." — Michael Holdren

"The only thing I would ask is that after the test, anything that was wrong or missed be given to the recruit so he or she knows what they missed and what the correct answer is." —Walt Myers

"Additional fire behavior and survival should be made part of the academy. Even a 48-hour course would be way more practical information than the rest of the academy." — Lance Fager

"More practices of forcible entries into a building using the latest equipment." — Ayaz Khattak

"Scenario-based training and they must be staged according to the modern needs and varieties." — Rashid Mahmood

"My Firefighter 1 course was great, but didn’t prepare me at all for car accidents and extrication, which would have been nice." — Eric Secora

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